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Teslascope is a worldwide platform for Tesla owners, fans, and statistics lovers. It provides detailed analytics about various aspects of Tesla vehicles (on our network), in addition to providing Tesla owners with elegant tools for automatically tracking their trips and charging sessions.

Features such as vehicle leaderboards, effortlessly sharing trips with friends and family, and accurate cost estimations for charging expand upon the meaning of owning a Tesla vehicle.

Teslascope was founded by Tyler Corsair, a Tesla owner and avid fan of Tesla, Inc. (and Elon Musk).

No, it is not. We are not officially sponsored nor affiliated with Tesla Motors, or any other companies. However, we do use their internal APIs, with limited documentation provided by Tim Dorr.

Absolutely! We recommend starting a conversation with us on Twitter, or sending us an email to [email protected].


Teslascope offers simple and easy to understand modes for controlling how often your vehicle updates. Do you have multiple vehicles? You can toggle these individually of each other.

Driving / Charging Parked Idle / Asleep
The default mode for vehicles.
1 Minute 3 Minutes 15 Minutes
Sleep (hours set) 1
This mode allows you to set specific hours to reduce requests, recommended for avoiding phantom drain.
1 Minute 6 Minutes 60 Minutes
Restful Sleep 1 1 Minute 6 Minutes Never
This mode doubles the amount of data we receive, essentially doubling metrics such as battery efficiency and drive tracking.
30 Seconds 1 Minute 1 Minute
This mode disables all requests.

Yes, we do! If you own multiple Tesla vehicles under one account, you can manage them all under a single account. We provide a way to easily access all of your vehicles' information with ease.

Phantom drain is a term that refers to anything (whether physically or via outside sources) that may cause your vehicle to experience a gradually drain of its range over time.

In normal circumstances, most Tesla vehicles (approx. ~98%) will fall asleep if not interacted with during the 15 minute polling period. However, depending on certain scenarios, the vehicle may fail to fall asleep as intended. A few of these can be found below.

  • Cabin Overheat Protection Enabled: This remaining enabled can cause the vehicle to monitor its cabin temperature more often, preventing natural sleep. We recommend disabling this if safe to do so depending on your geographical location.
  • Poor Wifi Connection: If the vehicle's connection to a Wifi network is poor and causes the vehicle to reconnect frequently, it can prevent the vehicle from sleeping. Unless you are expecting a software update or downloading one, we recommend disconnecting your vehicle from Wifi when possible.
  • Within Bluetooth Range of Vehicle: On rare occasion, if your mobile phone is within bluetooth range of your vehicle, it will keep the vehicle awake.
  • Using other 3rd party services in addition to Teslascope: Using other 3rd party services or applications that request information from your vehicle can cause overlapping times for polling and frequently prevent a vehicle from sleeping.
  • Using the iPhone Tesla widget: Using the Tesla widget on your Home Screen (whether on iPhone or iPad) will cause your phone to wake up your vehicle frequently. We always recommend not using this, despite how incredibly convenient it is.


We believe that Teslascope offers a suite of tools and analytics that can benefit each and every Tesla vehicle owner. We plan to add new features and improvements monthly, in addition to resolving bugs reported by our community.

Our two week trial begins when an individual connects their account. Many "premium-only" aspects of the service will be disabled including Trip Tracking, Sleep Mode, and more if billing information has not been provided by the end of this period.

We like to keep it simple and clean: $3/month. We also offer discounts to veterans and specific members of the press, influencers, or content creators. Inquire at [email protected].

We greatly appreciate every single individual who has shared or recommended our service to others. As such, we have a very generous referral program.

We plan to host monthly contests for three-month membership codes on our Twitter. You will need to be actively following the account. (other terms may apply)

We are more than happy to fully refund any subscriptions if requested within two weeks of the last renewal date. Simply inquire by email at [email protected].

Security and Safety

Your trust is paramount to our vision. We take countless measures to ensure that all information is kept private, safe, and secure.

To allow Teslascope to request information about your vehicle, it must generate an access token using your account's credentials. Once this occurs, all credentials are immediately discarded.

We obtain an "access token" in addition to a "refresh token", which is used for making all further requests. When thirty days have passed, we use the refresh token to request a new access token, allowing us to provide our members with continuous and uninterrupted service.

Absolutely! We include an option for providing your own tokens as an alternative to connecting with your account. This is an advanced feature and intended for programming-savvy individuals.

For more information in addition to instructions, please view this help page.

Teslascope takes advantage of Amazon's AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform to allow us to securely manage our services. We use the following to accomplish this:

  • Requiring all employees to use two-factor authentication. Read more.
  • Implementing Amazon's "Inspector", which scans ours network to identify vulnerabilities, exploits, as well as ensuring we maintain best practices. Read more.
  • Storing all of Teslascope's data in RDS / Aurora. Read more.

Additionally, Teslascope uses Cloudflare's various tools to provide a more efficient and safe experience for all visitors and our members.

We ensure that all potentially sensitive data is only accessible by the intended vehicle owner and protect against other malicious access attempts.

We use Stripe as our payment processor, trusted by major companies such as Amazon, Lyft, Spotify, and many more. When signing up for a membership, a "Stripe Id" is generated and associated to your account.

No financial credentials / information is stored on our servers.

1 Only available to premium members. 2 Some factors such as a weak signal or geographical location may delay some requests. Only available to premium members.