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Yes you can! While all charging sessions default to Private, you can toggle it to Public by clicking the edit icon on a specific charging session's page. When shared, the map is hidden to ensure privacy if the session took place at a non-Supercharger location.

If your vehicle is set to public, the charging session will appear under "Shared Charges" for other vehicle owners or visitors who view your page.

If your vehicle is set to private, you can share the URL of the charging session but it will not be listed anywhere.

Teslascope accurately calculates costs for charging sessions by converting the vehicle's average charging rate (in KW) to kWh and then individually calculates the costs per hour.

It is important to note that the displayed kWh for each session is just the energy that made its way into your vehicle's battery and the actual total energy used often differs due to factors such as battery degradation, temperature, and using features such as the AC while charging.

The Equation

First, we must convert the vehicle's charging rate (in kW) to kWh. To do so, we find the average charging rate of each hour a charging session took place within in addition to the total minutes. If a charging session took place for 45 minutes at an average charging rate of 6kW, than we can determine that the total kWh was 4.5.

Using this, we can now select the vehicle's charging rates (plans) that have been set up by the owner and determine the cost. If the cost per kwh is $0.11, then we can assume that the finalized charging cost estimation would be $0.49.