The perfect companion for your Tesla.

Teslascope works alongside your vehicle to record driving sessions and trips, provides beautiful visualizations for charging sessions and costs, and so much more.

Track Your Travels

Navigate through your recent drives, discover useful insights and analytics about your driving behavior, and view your "lifetime" map of travels.

Discover trips and view multiple driving and charging sessions all in one place.

You can even share your driving session publicly with family or friends, with personal information automatically hidden for you.

Need a detailed breakdown of your driving for tax/business purposes? We've got you covered with personal/business drive tagging and on-demand data exports.

Charging Sessions, for all occasions.

Effortlessly keep track of your charging sessions, whether at home, destination charging, or Supercharging.

Each charging session page includes minute-by-minute breakdowns of all related metrics (such as charging rate, kW, and estimated time left.

As always, you can share any charging session as well.

Need A Calendar?

Teslascope provides a glance at your vehicle's activities all in one place, including an overview (not pictured) of all of the charging costs for that month.

Click on any individual day to display its respective "Day View", which expands to show you all of the driving and charging sessions for that particular day.

Even More Features

Vehicle Overview

View information about your vehicle, its current location, recent drives & charging sessions, and much more!

Set your vehicle as public to share its unique URL to friends and family, your co-workers, or on social media. All sensitive data is automatically hidden to protect your privacy.

Control Your Vehicle

Effortlessly access controls typically found via the Tesla mobile app, such as locking/unlocking your car, honking, sentry mode, and much more.

Climate Controls

You have complete control of your Tesla's temperature settings, including pre-cooling (or heating) the cabin, and air conditioning.

Sleep Modes

No-nonsense sleep modes for your vehicle; preventing phantom drain and also gives your Tesla a good night's (or day's) rest.

Software Updates

Keep track of your vehicle's software updates, compare with the Teslascope network, and view update patch notes personally curated for your vehicle.

Multiple Vehicle Support

Manage multiple Tesla vehicles (under the same account) all in one place, with effortless switching between vehicles.


Participate and join groups with your local community, friends, and other Tesla owners. Our platform allows for hosting and publishing events (with automated email notifications) and much more.


We love statistics and think that comparing metrics such as tons of CO2 have been saved, energy efficiency, longest drives, and miles driven can be fun.

Language Support

We strive to support as many different languages as possible, with more added whenever possible.

Knowledge Base

Effortlessly search for Superchargers, Service Centers, and more on our Teslapedia. Organize results by state, country, or even search for Superchargers by a Starbucks.

Data Exporting + Importing

Your data is always your data. You can easily download your basic vehicle information along with charging and driving sessions in CSV format.

Additionally, we provide a way to import all of your driving and charging sessions from other third party services such as TeslaFi.

Developer APIs (JSON)

Access your vehicle's data remotely using a generated API key or force update using apps like Siri Shortcuts or Tasker.

View our developer documentation for more information.

And far more..

Teslascope is actively maintained with new features, improvements, and bug fixes every week.


We the Tesla community, so all members have access to a ton of incredible features to discover more about their vehicle and driving habits.

Our premium membership expands upon a regular account and grants you with an exclusive suite of easy-to-use tools, analytics, and more. New members start with a two week (14 days) trial to experience everything Teslascope has to offer.

Learn more about the differences below.

Feature Regular Premium
Connect your Vehicles
Add your Tesla vehicles to the Teslascope network to include it in global metrics, statistics, and much more.
Basic Controls
You can lock/unlock your vehicle, honk the horn, flash the lights, and other controls typically found via the Tesla mobile app.
Basic Climate Controls
View / set your vehicle's temperature.
Sentry Mode
Enable or disable sentry mode on your vehicle(s) to feel safer while away.
Sleep Mode
Even your vehicle deserves to dream. Enabling sleep mode allows you to set specific hours to stop updating to prevent potential energy drain.
Quiet Mode
Want to disable the active logging of your vehicle? We'll safely retain any prior information and pick up whenever you re-enable it! For more control such as setting specific hours, you'll need Sleep Mode (mentioned below)!
Release Notes
Teslascope provides software update release notes for every language and region. When available, release notes are personally curated for your vehicle.
Participate and join groups with your local community, friends, and other Tesla owners. Our platform allows for hosting and publishing events (with automated email notifications) and much more.
Compete with other Tesla owners and see where you rank across several different metrics. The earth thanks you.
Referral Program
View detailed information about our program.
Developer APIs + Siri Shortcuts
Access your vehicle's data remotely or control your vehicle using apps like Siri Shortcuts (for iOS) or Tasker (for Android).
Calendar and Day View
View your vehicle's driving and charging sessions all in one place, as well as a detailed breakdown of activities on a particular day.
Track your Trips / Travels
Discover information about your recent drives, including energy efficiency, total distance traveled and more.
Charging Sessions
Log your vehicle's charging sessions, whether at home, destination charging, or Supercharging.
Cost Calculations
Calculate charging costs with support for multiple electricity rates (Time-Of-Use) and locations.
Manage Multiple Vehicles
Manage multiple vehicles effortlessly, with an easy to navigate vehicle list. All included under one subscription.
Advanced Climate Controls
Set up specific times to begin cooling/heating your vehicle, control your seat heaters, and much more.
Coming Soon
Location Detection
Automatically detect frequently visited locations you've driven to or charged at.
Smart Addresses
Automatically detects and provides additional information about driving and charging sessions.
Scope Mode
Effectively increases the accuracy of all metrics (while enabled) by up to 200%. While driving, requests will be made every thirty seconds as compared to every minute, and all other wait times have been reduced.
Data Importing
Easily import your driving and charging sessions from other third party services such as TeslaFi.

(3 months)
On-Demand Data Exporting

Expand upon basic drive and charging session summaries with fully detailed data exports in .CSV format. *

Dark Theme
Whether you're chasing that peak aesthetic, or you care about reducing potential eye strain at night; Teslascope's dark theme saves the day night.
Custom Vehicle Url
Choose a unique vehicle ID when accessing your vehicle's URL, when sharing it with others, and for referrals.
A Nifty Badge
Whether you're showing off your vehicle(s), driver profile, or topping the leaderboards, you'll get a nifty badge next to your vehicle for helping support our platform.
Price Free $3.00/month

* You can request your data at any time by contacting us.