Research Program

The University of Queensland is seeking Tesla vehicle owners interested in contributing vehicle driving and charging habits towards a worldwide research effort. This program supports the transition to sustainable transportation in addition to informing for more insightful public policy.

About the Program

Teslascope is working together with The University of Queensland to study the driving and charging behavior of Tesla vehicles across Australia, North America, and other select regions. The purpose of this program is to provide useful insights for the development of public policy to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles across the globe.

This program also serves to encourage the use of EV's as batteries-on-wheels, to unlock the broader potential energy benefits of this technology. While this technology is not yet enabled nor available for Tesla vehicles, this data still provides helpful insights into future implementations and advantages of Tesla vehicles and other EV's.

By participating in this program, all accepted participants will receive one year of premium membership credit at Teslascope.

Program Disclosure

  • If accepted into the research program, The University of Queensland will have access to the driving and charging data pertaining to all vehicle(s) under your Teslascope account in the form of CSV and JSON data exports.

    When manually requested by the Research Team, this data will be stored securely and confidentially on the university's servers and is stripped of most PII (personal identifiable information).
  • At any time, any participant may withdrawal from the research program and have all stored data removed from the University's systems as soon as notified.

Thank you for your interest in our research project. At this time, we are not accepting new participants, however you an learn more about oru project on our website.