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A service that provides you with a trove of easy-to-use tools, detailed analytics about your driving habits, charging sessions, and so much more.

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A calendar for every occasion.

Effortlessly view your driving and charging sessions for every day, week and month.

Turn off the lights.

Give your eyes the rest they deserve with an elegant Dark Mode on every device.

Let your vehicle rest.

Just like us, our vehicles need sleep too. Our service is designed to not cause any form of phantom drain.

Secure, because it matters.

Teslascope is the only Tesla-related service to offer 2FA authentication via TOTP. Your privacy is paramount to our mission.

Teslascope has the best features that improve the experience with your Tesla vehicle by an order of magnitude. – Somebody, I'm sure.

We keep it plaid nerdy.

Driving Statistics

  • 3,846,175

    Driving Sessions

  • 43,067,796

    Miles Recorded

  • 356,973,877

    Total Miles Driven

Charging Statistics

  • 2,176,839

    Charging Sessions

  • 2,691,824

    Hours Spent Charging

  • 15,218,904.91 kWh

    Total Energy Added