Updates Blog

Updates and improvements made to Teslascope this year.



  • Added better handling of tokens when revoked from the Tesla website.
    • Emails are now sent out immediately to the relevant Teslascope account.


  • Resolved issues with some vehicle commands failing prematurely.
  • Allow both GET and POST for vehicle commands.


  • Added new Speed Limit API endpoints.



  • Optimize Pin to Drive and Valet Mode APIs.


  • Allow location notify options to be set via API.


  • Added options for when to be notified on location alerts to API.
  • Added new "Triggered At" value for locations, when an alert is fired.
  • Added Edit Location API.
  • Added support for location alerts.


  • Added Location Area (Polygon) support for locations via API.
  • Added Add Location API.
  • Added Remove Location API.


  • Added Set Pin To Drive, Reset Pin To Drive, Set Value Mode, and Reset Value Mode APIs.
  • Reorganized file structure of code repository.


  • Resolved an issue where individual vehicle pages could not be accessed if emojis were used within the vehicle name.



  • Added additional logging when a vehicle polling status changes.



  • Resolved edge cases where update history would not appear.


  • Resolved charging history being inaccessible following changes to Fleet API.


  • Add Release Notes, Staged Release Notes, and Options APIs.
  • Resolved an issue impacting vehicle data recording.



  • Add missing support for Partner ID on vehicle commands.


  • Applied some fixes to frunk and trunk opening.


  • Allow for checking virtual key status via GET instead of POST.


  • Added Door and Front/Rear Trunk Status
    • Added to Vehicle (Detailed) API endpoint.


  • Added Fleet Status (Vehicle Key) Check + API
  • Improved error handling with specific vehicle commands.
  • Resolved issue with Wake Up API call.


  • Allow for applying/overriding Partner ID value.


  • Major rework of token refreshing to eliminate FIFO and allow for greater throughput via a proper job system.


  • Added new functionalities to vehicle command handler.
  • Added Virtual Key Check (required for commands going forward)
  • Added Partner ID support for Account API.
  • Updated First Aid console command to work with new Fleet API.
  • Removed option to re-authenticate Tesla Accounts following changes to Fleet API.
  • Removed support for spec generation following changes to Fleet API.
  • Removed "CheckIsTesla" middleware.


  • Adjusted vehicle polling behavior with multiple Tesla Accounts to only adjust value of access type if new value is "owner".
  • Added new vehicle command handling.



  • Deprecated remaining legacy Tesla Account functions as they would no longer function.


  • Added more metrics when viewing the Vehicle Dashboard on mobile.


  • Forced transition to new Tesla authentication requirement, as legacy accounts would no longer function.
  • Resolved a rare edge case where tokens being null would result in a 500 error.


  • Added improved support for Cybertruck.


  • Added improvements to handle Supercharger invoice encoding.
  • Added vehicle release notes API endpoint.


Happy New Year!

We've started the year off with a small bundle of updates and changes.

Vehicle Dashboard

The vehicle dashboard has been updated to now hide inactive vehicles and given their own dedicated page. Vehicles can be marked as inactive by selecting "Inactive" as the Dashboard Type under vehicle settings.

Modern Vehicle Dashboard Improvements

The vehicle dashboard has been refreshed to include newer visuals for the vehicle's current location, in addition to other general refinements. The tire health has also been updated to make it clearer when issues are detected.

Onboarding Improvements

Fixes were applied to prevent stale vehicle information when attempting to force update and wake the vehicle during onboarding. To prepare for the tentative deprecation of legacy APIs, we've also switched to using the official API when signing up.

Tesla Account Changes

  • New Tesla Account connections will now require utilizing the official Tesla APIs.
  • Vehicle Commands were updated to improve stability.

Safety Score Metrics

In preparation for the transition to Tesla APIs, we've made the tough decision to turn off interactions with Safety Score metrics. Tesla has now yet made this data available via the new endpoints, and as such, access will cease in the following weeks for all vehicles.

We're hopeful this will be restored in the future, however, please send feedback regarding this to Tesla if desired.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • 2024 is now a valid year for the vehicle calendar.
  • The front page was redesigned with a new dark design.
  • Updated dependencies.