Updates Blog

Updates and improvements made to Teslascope this year.



  • Restored UnlockMyTesla.com with new Tesla Authentication support and visual changes.


  • Improved handling of "offline / poor signal" API responses resulting in the current vehicle name being overridden with "Tesla".
  • Resolved a server error that occurred when removing a vehicle from your Teslascope account that was set to primary.


Updated some backend functionality relating to the Research Program, in addition to the communicated end date.


Updated the front page to include a reorganization of metrics, new features, and better support for tablets.



Tesla Accounts

We've overhauled the design for connecting Tesla Accounts and onboarding, to prevent occasional confusion due to the "Page Not Found" step and generally provide a fresher experience.

The Manage Tesla Account page was also redesigned, with the option of manually checking for account changes now easier to access.


  • Resolved rare instances where the vehicle settings page would result in a 500 error.
  • Updated dependencies.


  • Add backend support for new official "Partners" support.


  • Updated dependencies.
  • Updated NPM packages.



  • Resolved an issue preventing Data Export from displaying viable vehicles.



  • Improved efficiency by refactoring our "canView" function utilized across the service (and APIs).
  • All APIs now return proper HTTP status codes to match the value of "code" returned in each JSON response.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved backend errors resulting from vehicles that were returning 404 errors (removed from Tesla Account).


Back to the basics.

Last year, we switched to focusing on major releases instead of rapid changes. Based on almost five hundred votes, we're switching back to releasing frequent changes, to better align with Tesla's software release methodology.

With that said, today we've pushed the following changes:

Tesla Account Management

In preparation for upcoming features, support for associating multiple Tesla Accounts to a single Teslascope account has been added to the backend. We are still finalizing how we intend to handle this, but it will allow for better supporting our future major feature buildouts such as Fleets, Access, and more. More information on this very soon, we promise!

With these changes, we're also implementing small security improvements by decoupling Tesla Accounts (and their encrypted tokens) from the User model, and giving them their own dedicated model. This allows for greater control over access within our backend, and better communicating the status of each Tesla Account.

Pilot (Vehicle Polling v1.2)

Pilot has been updated to better handle instances where Tesla Accounts may no longer have access to a vehicle, greatly reducing polling times across the fleet. Better error handling has also been added to properly assign timeouts to vehicles when appropriate.

Recent Timestamps/Date

Previously, when hovering over a vehicle's status (i.e, online, offline), it would only display the last time the vehicle had an "actionable" state, meaning when it was driving, charging, or a change occurred.

We've updated this to now display both this recently updated timestamp, in addition to the last time our platform has accessed and refreshed its vehicle data. This allows for better communicating our interactions with your vehicle.

Resuming Vehicle Polling

When you disconnect your Tesla Account, or if our system deactivated a Tesla Account due to being unable to request information (typically due to a changed password), vehicles were previously set to "Quiet Mode" and would remain disabled even after re-connecting your Tesla Account.

Improvements have been made to automatically restore the previous polling mode removing an extra step, and preventing members from forgetting to re-enable vehicle polling.

Software Update Tweet Automation

We've applied some changes to hopefully resolve the issues preventing software tweets from being posted. This was due to Twitter deprecating old endpoints utilized by a library.

Developer Platform

We're close to finalizing our Developer Platform, which will allow third-party developers to register their own OAuth apps/services to directly interface with Teslascope accounts and their vehicle(s).

When authorizing access to your Teslascope account, a developer can assign "scopes", which provides you with modularity regarding what they can access or make changes to.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that caused recent drives and charging sessions to not appear on the vehicle dashboard.
  • Removed deprecated API endpoints and other code, reducing overall codebase by ~5%.
  • Updated the year in our email footer from 2022 to 2023 (oops!)
  • Simplified and reduced the length of logging text across the platform.
  • Resolved an issue where accessing the Data Export page prior to a vehicle finalizing setup would result in an error.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Updated dependencies.
  • Updated NPM packages.


Onboarding Improvements

Improvements have been made to simplify the vehicle setup process, including eliminating the need for an entire step. Upon successfully connecting your Tesla Account, you will be instantly brought to the vehicle dashboard.

We've also added quick links to remove vehicles prior to setup completing.


Autopilot Check

Added a simple, effortless way of determining if your vehicle has HW4 or other autopilot computers. This does not require a Teslascope account, and no tokens are stored at any time during the usage of this tool.



  • Resolved an issue preventing new vehicles from completing setup in some situations where the "Interior Trim Type" variable was not present within vehicle data.


Pilot (Vehicle Polling v1.1)

Pilot has been updated to include major improvements to efficiency, including dedicated processes for vehicles with Scope Mode enabled. This also allows us to enable granular control over polling rates for all vehicles, to slowly increase polling requests per minute as per allowed by Tesla's APIs.


  • Added Developer Documentation to Explore navigation dropdown.


  • Updated backend dependencies.


  • Fixed a minor grammatical error on the premium membership page.



  • Restored the Referral Program / quick links boxes, which were incorrectly hidden after the V4 update if not yet subscribed to premium.
  • Resolved additional issues relating to vehicle names containing a question mark (?).


  • Resolved an issue where the Tesla Referral Code would not display or persist after changing it within profile settings.
  • Resolved an issue where vehicle settings could not be updated if the vehicle name contained a question mark (?).


Bug Fixes

  • Applied fixes to vehicle render generation that were preventing some vehicle trims from rendering correctly.


  • Added support for Ultra Red paint colors for Model S/X vehicles.
  • Applied fixes to UnlockMyTesla.com.


New Feature: Additional Trip Details

The cost of all charging sessions is now available for trips.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue where session previews should display a broken image if viewed on trip pages as a guest.


Bug Fixes

  • Corrected an issue where the membership page would incorrectly display "renewed every month", even if subscribed annually.


New Feature: Split Driving Sessions

You can now split driving sessions into multiple sessions! Simply hover over the latitude/longitude within the data table and a tooltip will appear with additional options.

A helpful indicator of where the session will be split will appear when hovering over the scissor/cut icon.

New Feature: Additional Trip Details

You can now view the average drive efficiency on Trips. More trip averages will be included in the following weeks.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where accessing the "public preview" of a vehicle page as the owner (via Vehicle Settings) would result in a 500 error.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Updated Laravel dependencies.
  • Updated NPM dependencies.
  • Applied security updates to backend server.


Bug Fixes

  • When viewing the software metrics page on mobile devices, some columns will be hidden.



Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue causing the profile to be inaccessible for some newly created accounts.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where only two vehicles were appearing in the vehicle dropdown (quick switch).


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the "Vehicle" table column was displayed, despite the data being hidden on mobile devices when viewing the Map Updates table on Software Updates.




We're pleased to officially announce the soft launch of Teslascope for Fleets, which is built to fit your needs, whether you're a renter, established company, or municipal agency.

Fleets is built upon our vehicle framework and aims to tackle the usual hassles of managing vehicle fleets. With our soft release, we already provide a trove of business-oriented features such as:

  • Realtime Vehicle Locations (with global map)
  • Supercharging Costs and Invoice Exporting
  • Fleet-wide Calendar and Monthly Metrics
  • Super Sentry (Persistent, Always-on Sentry Mode)
  • Fleet-wide Data Exports
  • Safety Alert and Tire Pressure History

In the weeks that follow, we'll be improving this build out to include more features, refinements, and improvements based on the feedback of our initial testing groups.

Some features originally designed for Fleets will be made available via our premium membership.

Legalese Changes

We've updated all of our Legalese documents for the first time in a few years, including a major redesign to make them far more intuitive. This includes changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

We've also introduced a new Copyright Policy in preparation for upcoming features relating to media, and an Open Source credits page.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • The Help Center received a few design improvements.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the first row of driving session tables to be illegible on tablet or mobile devices.


xxx Vehicle Controls have been greatly improved! A new design that compliments the active Light or Dark Mode setting is now available, and we've re-enabled this for mobile devices.

A dropdown for quickly switching your primary vehicle has been added to the vehicle glimpse section above each page. With one click, you can now switch which vehicle the navigation bar is linked to, without having to return to your dashboard, or otherwise update vehicle settings.

Quick Switch (for Multiple Vehicles)

Based on community and member feedback, we've added a new way to quickly switch your primary vehicle. Previously this required either going to the dashboard and using the vehicle dropdown menus, or to vehicle settings. Now, you can simply hover, click, or tap on the button besides your vehicle name.



Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where some images would not save when updating a profile.
  • An issue preventing access to the Dashboard for accounts that have been inactive since 2020 has been resolved.
    • This issue occurred due to the Autopilot Computer value not being present in a new column we introduced in early 2020 to improve database query performance. If presented with the onboarding page, you can now click "Save and Proceed" and everything will be populated as needed.
  • Applied fixes to the Vehicle Calendar for a most consistent appearance across all browsers.
  • Resolved an issue where the month and year on the calendar were illegible on Safari (for Mac).


Based on feedback, we've made some improvements to software update pages. We've applied some style improvements to the release notes section as well as limited the amount shown by default. You can now expand it by clicking "Show More".

This makes it easier to quickly view and access useful metrics about each update at a glance.

  • The premium membership page now properly reflects if you have an annual membership.
  • Updated dependencies.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing larger files from TeslaFi exports to fail to upload.
  • Fixed an issue causing some boxes on the statistics page to be illegible on Dark Mode.


Changes and Improvements

  • We've improved vehicle polling performance by more efficiently handling vehicles with "Scope Mode" enabled.
  • When submitting a support request, the previous text will now be restored if any input is invalid (such as forgetting a title).
  • Improvements were made to the login and sign up pages to provide a more consistent experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues relating to vehicle reminders resulting in a page error.
  • Resolved an issue preventing new locations from being created.



  • Redesigned the Two-Factor Authentication screen to include a new background and general accessibility improvements.
  • The glass-like visual effect behind the navigation bar will now only display on larger resolution devices. It is currently not compatible with some mobile browsers.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Updated NPM packages.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the Two-Factor Authentication screen would incorrectly display an error that you provided an incorrect passcode, despite not doing so.
  • Resolved an issue where charging costs would not properly save when overridden.



  • When manually updating Safety Score data, an alert will now display if we could not request it (no Safety Score tab).

Bug Fixes

  • Resolve an issue preventing account deletion when the thirty-day deactivation window had passed.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Safety Score page was inaccessible if it hadn't been updated in awhile (> one year).


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the vehicle status notice wasn't displaying if a vehicle is asleep.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty driving map would appear on the dashboard.



  • Updated the Safety Score metrics and calculations to use v1.2.
  • Added a way to manually update Safety Score data without having to go on a drive.
  • Added a disclaimer that autopilot miles requires either Tesla Insurance or being in the queue for Full Self-Driving (Beta).
  • Added a way to self-diagnose and resolve some issues if a 500 page is encountered.
  • Added a new variable system that allows for further automation of some commonly used metrics (performance improvement).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Model 3 section of statistics was displaying incorrectly on Dark Mode.
  • Fixed columns relating to recently driving or charging not updating as intended. This resolved a dashboard issue.
  • Updated dependencies.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where vehicle reminder emails were sent out prematurely.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle reminders couldn't be added without a comment (should be optional).
  • Fixed an issue preventing vehicle removal if it never finished initializing during onboarding.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles added prior to 2021, and not updated since, resulted in a server error when accessing the dashboard.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where Safety Score data was not saving correctly for some vehicles.



  • Redesigned the Account Settings area of the service.
  • Developer API key access and settings have been reorganized, and can now be found under Security settings.
  • Added a new Grayscale appearance option.
  • Updated some content relating to The University of Queensland's research program.
  • Updated the research program questionnaire and officially reopened the program for Australian residents (at this time).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed vehicle renders on the leaderboards from appearing incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where modifying/adding vehicle reminders wouldn't reflect changes immediately.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing the dashboard (front page) would result in a server error if a member recently joined.
  • Applied several fixes relating to premium memberships.

3/10/2023 | Introducing: Teslascope Version 4

This is the largest update we've ever released and includes a trove of new features, quality-of-life changes, and substantial performance improvements.

It is paramount to our vision that we undeniably build the best vehicle companion for all Tesla vehicles. Period. To accomplish this, we revisited every feature of the web service and reworked it from the ground up.

Grab a coffee, as this will take a minute.. or ten. You can view the complete changelog here.