Updates Blog

Updates and improvements made to Teslascope this year.



Happy New Year!

We've started the year off with a small bundle of updates and changes.

Vehicle Dashboard

The vehicle dashboard has been updated to now hide inactive vehicles and given their own dedicated page. Vehicles can be marked as inactive by selecting "Inactive" as the Dashboard Type under vehicle settings.

Modern Vehicle Dashboard Improvements

The vehicle dashboard has been refreshed to include newer visuals for the vehicle's current location, in addition to other general refinements. The tire health has also been updated to make it clearer when issues are detected.

Onboarding Improvements

Fixes were applied to prevent stale vehicle information when attempting to force update and wake the vehicle during onboarding. To prepare for the tentative deprecation of legacy APIs, we've also switched to using the official API when signing up.

Tesla Account Changes

  • New Tesla Account connections will now require utilizing the official Tesla APIs.
  • Vehicle Commands were updated to improve stability.

Safety Score Metrics

In preparation for the transition to Tesla APIs, we've made the tough decision to turn off interactions with Safety Score metrics. Tesla has now yet made this data available via the new endpoints, and as such, access will cease in the following weeks for all vehicles.

We're hopeful this will be restored in the future, however, please send feedback regarding this to Tesla if desired.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • 2024 is now a valid year for the vehicle calendar.
  • The front page was redesigned with a new dark design.
  • Updated dependencies.