Updates Blog

Updates and improvements made to Teslascope in 2022.



  • Fix issues with empty vehicle names causing some pages to not load when logged in.



  • Optimized queries relating to software updates to improve overall performance.
  • Added countries to the Software API.



  • Resolved an issue effecting a small number of accounts where unexpected vehicle data could result in the service being inaccessible while logged in.



  • Several improvements were made to the backend relating to statistics generation to reduce database queries.


  • Updated some phrases on the Safety Score page to avoid confusion.



  • Optimized queries relating to software updates to improve overall performance.
  • Added countries to the Software API.



  • Resolved an issue effecting a small number of accounts where unexpected vehicle data could result in the service being inaccessible while logged in.



  • Several improvements were made to the backend relating to statistics generation to reduce database queries.


  • Updated some phrases on the Safety Score page to avoid confusion.



  • The "Premium" link in the footer now links to the membership page when logged in.


  • Adjusted the pricing for all new special member discounts to be 50% off, compared to $1 off prior.
  • Our 50% off discount now applies to: First Responders, Hospital doctors and nurses, and active military (previously just veteran's).



  • Resolved some input fields not displaying properly when Dark Mode was enabled.


  • Several grammatical and informational changes to the Tesla Account onboarding page have been applied based on feedback.


  • Resolved an issue causing the input for "Tesla URL" on account onboarding from disappearing when Dark Mode is active.


  • Disabled activating Quiet Mode if a vehicle returns a 404 response, due to changes implemented by Tesla.
  • Reduced vehicle timeout to 15 minutes (previously two hours) when Tesla infrastructural issues are detected.
  • The status notice for temporarily invalid tokens (due to Tesla infrastructural issues) has been made clearer and more concise to avoid confusion.


  • Restored functionality for UnlockMyTesla.com! :)


  • Removed some debug logging to reduce server IOs.


  • Added "Past Year" as a date range option for driving/charging session filtering.
  • Resolved backend server error if the value for a vehicle's software update is null under certain circumstances.


  • Safety Score metrics and logging is now enabled for vehicles in Canada!
  • Added proper support to ensure any miles/mileage displays in metric when selected on Safety Score pages.


  • Resolved more issues causing tire pressure values from recording.


  • Added additional Model X Refresh render visuals.
  • Added new internal management tools for more easily diagnosing vehicle issues for members.
  • Improved performance for software update pages by reducing some database queries + improving caching.
  • Our automated tweet for software updates was not properly sharing when a new version was detected. This was corrected.


  • Resolved server errors (50X) when viewing vehicle pages as a guest.
  • Resolved an issue causing tire pressure from displaying if a vehicle lost cellular signal along a drive.
  • Improvements for handle unexpected responses when refreshing tokens.




Teslascope Version 3 is now live.

This is the third-largest update to the service since our launch back in 2018! Below, we'll break down the massive list of new features, improvements, and fixes.

Software Updates Revamp

The entire software updates section of our platform has been revamped to include new metrics, detailed breakdowns of vehicle models for each update, and much more.

Vehicle updates for each software update are now displayed in a data table for an improved experience. The vehicle rating block has been moved to the sidebar to keep the main content area focused on software metrics.

Vehicle Map (Navigation) Updates

We're now logging information retaining to map updates and have added this to our software updates page. In the following weeks, we'll display this information on individual vehicle pages, similar to software updates.

Full Self-Driving Breakdowns and Release Notes

A new FSD Beta breakdown and list of all updates is now present on the main software updates page. Determine what percentage of testers are on specific versions with ease.

Auto Addresses

For our premium members, driving and charging sessions will now automatically determine and display physical addresses.

Date Range Improvements

Pages that support selecting date ranges have been improved to always display the selected date range. We've also made it far clearer that this can be changed.

Software Update Timeline

The software update timeline is back! We brought this page down in early January to ensure service stability. We've updated this page and related functions to resolve performance concerns and optimize related database queries.

Vehicle Tire Pressure

Teslascope will now log and display the latest tire pressure on vehicle pages in both psi and bar. As Tesla resets these values when a vehicle is shifted in Park, we ignore these values and instead display any non-zero pressure values.

Sentry Mode Status

A new status notice has been added to display when Sentry Mode is enabled and reminds that the vehicle will not fall asleep until Sentry Mode is disabled.

Smart Location Detection + Frequently Visited Chargers

For our premium members, if Teslascope detects that you've charged at the same location more than once, a new notice is displayed to view similar sessions. If a saved location exists, you will be brought to that page. Otherwise, you can choose to save this location if desired.

Mobile Layout Improvements

Several vehicle-related pages have been rewritten and optimized for improved usability on mobile devices.

Vehicle Specs

Teslascope will now detect and save specifications relating to your vehicle, including whether you actively have Free Supercharging enabled as well as your vehicle's version of Autopilot (AP/EAP/FSD). This will be displayed on your vehicle profile.

1-Click Tesla Account Authentication

We've finalized our implementation of new Tesla Account Authentication methods as first mentioned earlier this month. The new process significantly simplifies the required steps, ensures that our service never sees any account credentials, and further keeps you and your vehicles safer.

Page Performance Improvements

We've revisited every single page on service (and we mean every single page) to improve page load times by optimizing database queries, incorporating more aggressive caching where appropriate, and other backend code enhancements.

This has allowed for the following breakthroughs:

  • Software Updates home page now loads 3x as fast.
  • Individual software update pages (after first page load) now load 4x as fast.
  • Vehicle software update pages now load 6x as fast.
  • Lifetime Charging Session pages now load 2x as fast.
  • Driving and Charging Session list pages (after first page load) now load 3x as fast.
  • Calendar pages now load 1.5x as fast.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Vehicle icons on supercharger rankings will no longer appear broken.
  • "Recent Vehicle Updates" has been changed to "Recent Software Updates" on vehicle pages.
  • The text for previous version in the Recent Software Updates table now links to the associated software page.
  • Improved error handling for specific responses when refreshing Tesla Account tokens.


New Premium Features

Location Detection

Teslascope will now automatically detect frequently visited locations you've charged at. When viewing a charging session, a new banner will appear if you've charged at that specific location or supercharger more than once.

With one click, you can now view all charging and driving sessions at the location with the option of adding it permanently to your vehicle's saved locations.

Auto-labeling of Charging Session Locations

Charging Sessions will now automatically include the address where the charging session occurred.

Changes and Improvements

  • We've improved discoverability of new superchargers.
  • Corrected a grammatical issue on the research project page.



Tesla Account Improvements

We've made even more improvements to our Tesla Account management and setup process. We're pleased to share that we've re-added direct authentication directly on our service! That means no more mobile apps or browser extensions.

Connecting your Tesla Account is now as easy as clicking on a link and then copying a URL once you've logged in on Tesla.com. No downloads, no hassles.

If you'd prefer to still use refresh tokens, we've continued to support that option.

Settings Reorganization

A direct link to the Tesla Account page is now found in the main navigation bar. No more needing to click a million times just to get to where you want. +1 for simplicity.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Various account-related navigation menu items have had "My" removed for clarity.


  • Improved determination for supercharging sessions on the Lifetime Charging page.



We've overhauled Account integrations support to resolve long-standing issues with connecting to Discord accounts. In addition, we've added support for connecting and signing in with Twitter accounts.


  • Added better support for Model X Refresh vehicles.


Tesla Account Improvements and Major Updates

To better support our growing community, we've applied dozens of improvements to how we handle Tesla Accounts.

New Re-Authentication System

Our backend for handling re-authentication and the refreshing of tokens has been completely overhauled to support new features such as re-attempting to generate new tokens when the first attempt fails.

With these changes, Teslascope will now attempt to refresh stored tokens three times before permanently failing and informing the vehicle owner via email.

This will allow our service to properly mitigate what occurred on February 3rd, where a prolonged downtime of Tesla's authentication servers resulted in our service and the official Tesla mobile app considering tokens as invalid.

New Tesla Account Settings Page

xxx The Tesla Account page has been redesigned to make it far easier to know the current status of your account and vehicle(s).

Other Improvements

  • Resolved typos on the "Generate Tokens" help page.
  • Fixed a broken link found on the Charging tab of Vehicle Settings.
  • Updated the year displayed in the footer of automated emails.
  • The email for invalid tokens was revisited and updated with new information and advice.



  • Added 2022 and 2023 as valid VIN dates for some automated portions of the service.


  • Updated the front page of UnlockMyTesla to provide more details about current lapse in functionality due to limitations with Tesla's newer authentication methods.
  • Optimizations made to routing to improve performance.


  • Updated the Discord Bot page to add new commands and applied new permissions to make use of Discord's slash commands implementation.


  • Added improved handling for legacy Model X vehicle renders and specific wheels.


Technical Changes

  • Updated front-end to use a native translation method.
  • Optimized automated schedules and scripts.
  • Optimized backend to more efficiently handle requests.



We've added a previous and next month button for a better experience when navigating through your vehicle's calendar.

  • (Month View) Calendar pages should now load 4x as fast as before.

Software Updates

  • Added a new label for software updates that pertain to Full Self-Driving Beta builds.

Charging Sessions

  • Manually updating the cost of charging sessions on mobile devices will now display a number pad.

Bug Fixes and Performance

  • Optimized the handling of translated strings across all pages of the service.
  • Resolved an issue causing safety scores not logging. For vehicles impacted, you will need to re-enable Safety Score logging via Vehicle Settings.


  • Updated disclaimers displayed on the safety score metrics page to avoid confusion about when to expect new invites to roll out.


  • Resolved an issue with the date range selection dropdown not allowing selection of "Today", without first selecting another option.


  • Applied changes to cost calculations for charging sessions lasting longer than 24 hours.


  • Applied changes to cost calculations to more accurately detect and determine voltage fluctuations.



  • You can now select 2022 when accessing the vehicle calendar.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • You can now resume a lapsed premium subscription if no payment method is provided as long as there is credit available.