Updates Blog

Updates and improvements made to Teslascope in 2021.



Driving Sessions

  • Optimized the Lifetime Driving Sessions page to now load significantly faster.

Software Updates

  • Added a Previous Update statistics section to software update pages to display the total of vehicles that originated from a prior update in addition to the percentage.
  • Added additional tools for volunteers to update software release notes.
  • Improved general load times of individual software update pages.
  • Removed support for legacy Tesla release notes, as the system has not been utilized since January 2021.


  • Significantly improved the performance of software update pages by ensuring metrics data is always up-to-date and not handled upon page load.


  • Removed the Tesla Referral Program section from vehicle pages.


  • Added MCU3 (AMD Ryzen) Infotainment Computer as an option within Vehicle Settings.


  • Resolved pending software metrics being incorrect when accessed via our Teslascope APIs.
  • Resolved the "first spotted" metric being incorrect when accessed via our Teslascope APIs.


  • Improved the onboarding experience with a redesigned layout, more helpful tips, and additional options for generating refresh tokens.
  • Icons will now appear on the navigation bar regardless of the device to provide a more familiar experience when switching from desktop to mobile.



  • Fixed issue causing premature charging cost calculations due to Daylight Savings.
  • Implemented some improvements to token refreshing to avoid occasional false positives for invalidate responses.


  • [Community Request] A new smart status message will now appear on vehicle pages if Quiet Mode is enabled. A link to immediately disable this setting is now available.
  • [Community Request] The banner explaining that a primary vehicle is on Quiet Mode will now use the phrase "Resume Polling" instead of "Fix Issue". Clicking on this button will now immediately disable Quiet Mode, instead of redirecting you to vehicle settings.
  • The Modern vehicle dashboard has been updated to utilize the smart vehicle status system.

Help Center Revamp

Our Help Center has been reworked from the ground up with ease of use in mind. The option to request for support is now accessible from every page, and you can finally search through all questions to find exactly what you're looking for across all categories.

New categories for Driving Sessions and Charging sessions have been added, and we've combed through prior questions and updated outdated information.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved some issues with vehicles updating if an unexpected response was returned when requesting for Safety Score data.
  • Improved token invalidations to send out emails in most instances if a vehicle is no longer updating.


  • Improvements were made to the token refresh mechanism to prevent some instances of tokens becoming invalidated prematurely.


  • Drive efficiency will now be properly updated when splitting a driving session.



  • Safety Score data will now only consider the most recent thirty days.


  • Resolved issues preventing safety score metrics from updating if a vehicle has reset its data in-vehicle.
  • Resolved an issue causing driving or charging sessions to display on the wrong day of the calendar (individual day pages).


  • Added a disclaimer to the Safety Score metrics page if data hasn't been updated in more than two days. This typically means that the vehicle has been accepted into the Full Self-Driving Beta and Tesla has discontinued recording safety metrics.


  • Resolved a server error if trying to view safety score data when it hasn't been populated yet.


  • Redesigned the Safety Score metrics page to include more metrics in addition to improved usability on mobile devices.
  • A button/link to access these metrics is now available on vehicle pages, for owners with multiple vehicles.


  • The required miles to reach a safety score of 97-99 is now displayed.
  • Updated the Security section of our Help Center to include updated answers regarding interacting with Tesla Account tokens.
  • Updated our Thank You page.


  • Generated Safety Scores now utilize historical score and mile weights to improve accuracy.
  • Resolved an issue causing specific Model X wheels from rendering correctly.


  • Miles driven on Safety Score leaderboards will now properly reflect whether Imperial or Metric is set on an account.


  • Added new disclaimers to the safety score page regarding accuracy of estimated miles.
  • Adjusted algorithm used for determining remaining miles to be more accurate.
  • Upgraded SSL version to resolve connection issues when interfacing with Tesla's API.


  • Resolved a bug causing safety scores from updating if no historical data is available.
  • Added proper meta tags to the Safety Score page.
  • Added a missing trim "Standard Range" for Model Y vehicles.


  • Launched the Safety Score metrics page.
  • Added miles remaining to reach a safety score of 100.
  • Optimized database efficiency relating to new Safety Score leaderboards.
  • Improved our internal Support Panel by adding new ways of assisting members.


  • Organized safety score leaderboards by miles driven.
  • Added a way to reauthenticate Tesla Accounts more easily without requiring new refresh tokens.
  • Resolved an issue preventing safety scores from updating once populated.


  • Launched Safety Score leaderboards.
  • Added a way to opt-in to Safety Score logging, since it requires the new Tesla Account SSO tokens.



  • Added improved error handling for safety score responses.
  • Modularized group-related code.


  • Added initial support for Safety Score data via the Teslascope API.
  • Optimized Tesla API library and added support for new endpoints.
  • Updated token handling to now utilize SSO refresh/access tokens, as Owners API tokens are being deprecated.
  • Added initial support for generating eco metrics for vehicles (trees planted, co2 saved, etc).


  • Added a way to manually update an account's configurations if premium features haven't unlocked properly.


  • Resolved issues relating to vehicle locations not updating properly.


  • Optimized some database queries relating to statistic generation.
  • Optimized some database queries relating to software updates.
  • Resolved a rare occasion where a newly discovered software update would cause server errors.
  • Resolved the software updates API not properly including pending updates.


  • Optimized some database queries relating to vehicle data exports.
  • Resolved more Model 3 Performance (2021) renders.


  • Resolved an issue causing Pinwheel wheels to not display properly for black exterior (2021) Model 3/Y.
  • Resolved an issue causing certain vehicle settings being disabled if a membership was cancelled but not ended yet.


  • Added better support for vehicle renders, including new Model S Plaid wheels.
  • Added 19" Tempest wheels for the new Model S.



  • Software update release notes titles will now properly display on the software updates hub when manually inputted.


  • Optimized some aspects of vehicle polling to improve stability as the service grows.


  • Resolved some server errors due to empty vehicle names.



We made several optimizations and improvements to the underlying backend including: – Converting arrays to short array syntax. – Improved routing syntax. – Converted common helpers for improved code completion. – Using arrow functions when possible.


  • In some instances, charging sessions at home were labeled as Supercharging. This has been resolved thanks to community feedback.


Resubscribing to our premium membership has now been made easier. In addition, you can now always view past invoices once a previous subscription has lapsed.


  • Resolved vehicles having Restful Sleep mode disabled on premium membership end.
  • Improved backend logic relating to subscriptions.
  • Refactored all group-related pages to greatly reduce reused code.


  • Resolved the displayed premium credit displaying incorrectly in some instances.


What better way to celebrate a new month than with a massive update right away!


Groups have been vastly updated with brand new features and functionality, intended to provide all groups the tools to grow their communities. We're excited to share these updates with you.

Group Discussions

Group members can now create discussions within the group and discuss various topics from group-related, questions, energy-related, or vehicle-related.

Group leadership can also now "mute" a group member, which will prohibit the ability to comment or create new discussions.

Group Event Improvements

Events can now be made public and shared with the world! Previously, when viewing any group, only an option to "sign up" would appear. With this update, any events that have been toggled as public can now be viewed by everyone and linked to directly.

Group Improvements

We've added an option to include a Twitter account when managing a group, which will now appear on the group sidebar. In addition, minor quality of life design improvements have been added throughout the entire group platform.

Lastly, if you've joined a group, the "My Groups" page will no longer display the group showcase / informational section.

Group Leadership Improvements

As mentioned above, we've added a new option for group leaders to mute or unmute their members. This will remove the ability to comment on discussions or events, in addition to creating new discussions.

Two-Factor Authentication Improvements

Based on community feedback, we've vastly improved our 2FA experience by making it easier for all devices to automatically detect the 2FA passcode input. This will allow apps and browser extensions such as 1Password, LastPass, and other built-in password managers to automatically fill in passcodes when signing in.

This behavior now directly mimics Tesla's own 2FA implementation for familiarity.

New Model S "Lychee" Support

We've added improved support for the new Model S, for both Long Range and Plaid vehicles. We're appreciative of the patience of new vehicle owners while we worked out some temporary bugs.

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Any vehicle with a VIN of 2020 or newer will now automatically be assigned HW3.
  • Updated backend dependencies and libraries
  • Updated Font Awesome



Vehicle Status Improvements

The Vehicle Status box added in our Version 2 update has been given several improvements and new status additions.

  • If your vehicle is awake, and the service is actively polling for new vehicle data.
  • If your vehicle is awake and has begun the process of falling asleep.
  • If your vehicle is auto-conditioning the cabin, usually due to Cabin Overheat Protection. We've found this to be the cause of a majority of sleeping delays and confusion.
  • If your vehicle is being serviced at a Tesla Service Center or authorized body shop.
  • If your vehicle couldn't update due to invalid tokens.

Charge Plan Improvements

  • All charging plan related pages have been updated to use the new vehicle page layout.

Drive Improvements

  • Individual driving sessions will now display whether a drive's efficiency was Great (85-100+%), Good (75-84%), Neutral (65-74%), or Bad (0-64%).
  • If range was not depleted and instead gained during a driving session (typically occurs when going down a mountain), then the efficiency will be considered Amazing.

Data Export Improvements

  • Performance improvements were made to Drive and Charge progress data exports.
  • Drive progress export files had their file name updated to better reflect the contained data.

Software Update Improvements

  • Any software update releases that are appended with "feature/" will have this string removed to allow for better compatibility and resolve issues with our automated version announcements.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • More text and sections throughout the service will now be translated.
  • Resolved an issue causing no driving or charging sessions to appear when "Today" or "Yesterday" were selected from the date range filter.
  • Added a notice if no results are found when filtering by a specific date range.
  • Duplicate code was removed, and a modular approach to date range filtering was implemented.
  • Corrected the "Trips" button on the dashboard incorrectly linking to Locations.
  • The Teslascope logo was removed from the navigation bar to promote simplicity.


Data Export Improvements

You can now export driving and charging session data for specific date ranges for more flexibility when generating files.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Resolved an error when attempting to view the current driving session while driving.
  • Developer endpoints added in vII were given proper 404 responses when an invalid vehicle ID or API key is provided.
  • Improved numerous edge cases of vehicle polling failing due to unexpected data from Tesla's API.
  • Fixed charging session page charts not loading.
  • Updated the Group showcase page to always display custom cover photos.

Introducing Teslascope vII (6/20/21)


We're pleased to announce the official launch of "Version 2". This update brings a massive redesign of every single vehicle-related page in addition to dozens of quality of life improvements and changes across the entire service.

Our focus was to hammer through our Feature Requests list and implement as many community-requested features as possible.

Vehicle Page Improvements

xxx The sidebar of all vehicle-related pages has been significantly redesigned and all "vehicle details", previously found at the top of each page can now be found here. When scrolling down on tablet or desktop computers, the sidebar will now affix and provide a glimpse of important vehicle status and sleep information, as well as helpful links to related pages.

The new vehicle status box will let you know more about your vehicle's current state. such as whether it's pending falling asleep, driving or charging, or if any issues have occurred (such as needing to resolve token issues).

Driving Session Improvements


  • [Community Requested] Driving session map previews have been added! You can now see a quick glance at your entire drive on each charging session box.
  • [Community Requested] You can now select a specific date range when browsing through driving sessions.
  • [Community Requested] The map now makes it clearer where a drive began and ended.
  • [Community Requested] You can finally tag drives as either personal or business. This will populate in drive exports, useful for tax/record-keeping purposes.


  • [Community Requested] You can now add all driving sessions to a trip at once while on the sessions (list) page including when selecting specific date ranges.
  • [Community Requested] Driving sessions that occur while a vehicle has valet mode enabled are now grouped separately. In addition, valet driving sessions boxes now have an eye icon next to a drive's name.
  • You can now expand the map full-screen on all devices.
  • The Edit and Delete buttons have been moved to the vehicle sidebar so that they're always accessible while scrolling on larger devices.
  • Reduced some clutter by reorganizing driving metrics.
  • Editing a drive will no longer erroneously hide some metrics in the data table until the page is refreshed.

Charging Session Improvements


  • [Community Requested] You can now select a specific date range when browsing through charging sessions.
  • [Community Requested] You can now add all charging sessions to a trip at once while on the sessions (list) page including when selecting specific date ranges.
  • On individual session pages, the map preview of the charging location is now displayed.
  • Link anchors to supercharging and charging sections on the Lifetime charging page have been added.

Previously, if a charging session was interrupted due to either a power surge or other outside factors and then resumed, Teslascope would consider this the same charging session, causing some metrics to become inaccurate. We've now resolved changed this behavior to generate a new charging session.

Software Updates


  • A new software update rating system has been added allowing vehicle owners to rate a specific update as positive, neutral, or negative. The option to rate an update will only appear if one of your vehicles has received the specific update.
  • The software updates home page now displays more information at a glance about vehicles, such as country and hardware version.


  • [Community Requested] *Software update pages now display the full update history for each update to provide more insights regarding rollouts and update patterns.
  • The percentage displayed for fleet distribution now only considers recently updated vehicles.
  • [Community Requested] On individual software update pages, the "Downloading" count has been moved above "Ready to Install".

Vehicle Dashboard Improvements

  • The current vehicle location map's height has been increased.
  • The design of buttons have been reworked to be easier to click/tap on all devices.

Vehicle Settings Improvements

xxx In order to push for a better experience for all vehicle owners, we've made Restful Sleep Mode a non-premium feature, so every vehicle can get the sleep it deserves.

Location Improvements

  • The load time of location pages has been significantly improved, now loading 80% faster.

Trip Improvements

Trips has been redesigned to be easier to navigate and now features the new driving session previews.

Group Improvements

  • Group Cover Photos are now live! Group leaders can upload a photo that best represents their group, which will replace the default one.
  • Group event commenting is now live! Any active members of a group can now comment on events.
  • The groups leaderboard is now live! You can now view other public groups and their contributions to a better world.
  • A group's owner will now receive an email when a new membership request is received.
  • An email notifying a member that they've been approved to join a group will now be sent.
  • When creating an event, email notifications will now be sent to all group members containing the event's information, location, and a direct link to the event on Teslascope for more information.

Account Settings

  • Tesla has put the referral program on hiatus, so we've temporarily removed the ability to set referral codes. They will also be hidden on public vehicle pages until this changes.
  • The text relating to updating your vehicle list on the Tesla Account settings page has been made clearer.

Teslapedia Improvements

  • A new button for sending a supercharger, store, or service center location to your vehicle has been added.
  • The home page of the Teslapedia has been slightly redesigned.

Developer Documentation Additions

The developer documentation area has been redesigned to have an improved layout on all devices. In addition to this, we've added several new endpoints for requesting and accessing data.

  • /drive/:driveId - Request information on a specific driving session.
  • /drives - Request information on a list of driving sessions (paginated)
  • /charge/:driveId - Request information on a specific charging session.
  • /charges - Request information on a list of charging sessions (paginated)

Leaderboard Improvements

  • The load time of leaderboards has been significantly improved, now loading about 50% faster.
  • The overall design of the leaderboards have been updated.

F.R.U.N.K Improvements

The F.R.U.N.K (For resolving unexpected noise & kinks) administrative panel has been given some improvements including a new tool for deleting vehicles upon an owner's request.

In addition, we've further secured the F.R.U.N.K by only limiting access to specific IPs.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • [Community Requested] Japanese has been added as an available language.
  • Other languages have also been updated (thanks to our wonderful volunteers!)
  • [Community Requested] We've resolved a long-standing bug causing Day View driving and charging sessions to show incorrect times.
  • Standard, Long Range, and Plaid have been added as available Model X and Model S trims.
  • The front page now properly displays large numbers under statistics.
  • An automated function related to caching software update information is now more performant and queries optimized.
  • The font size on the changelog and feature requests pages have been slightly reduced for improved readability.
  • We've updated to Bootstrap V5, which introduces a new layout size for larger displays.
  • We've updated to Font Awesome v6.
  • Fixed a visual issue with borders on Software Update History tables.



  • Resolve an error causing the Electricity / Energy Usage page being inaccessible if a charging session had no cost generated.
  • Resolved an error causing driving pages to be inaccessible due to special characters in a vehicle name.


  • Once again, resolved an issue with authenticating Tesla Accounts.


  • Fixed an issue causing Drive data exports to download the Vehicle data export instead.
  • Fixed an issue causing DriveProgress data exports to download the Drive data export instead.



  • Once again, resolved issue with authenticating Tesla Accounts caused by changes to Tesla's infrastructure.


  • Add new questions to Help Center as well as updating some with outdated information.


  • Several dependencies have been removed to improve TTFB and load times.
  • Added new in-house functionality for diagnosing problems experienced by members.
  • Added internal support for utilizing OAuth tokens for API calls.
  • Added a way to logout when accessing a deactivated account.


Data Exporting Improvements

The Data Export area has been reworked to include a brand new design as well as performance improvements. Driving and Charging progress export files should now generate 50% faster than before.



Charging Plans (Now With Day Support!)

We've officially launched support for day selection, one of the most requested additions for our charging plan and cost calculation features. This is useful for vehicle owners who have utility plans that only span over specific days, or for locations where there may be reduced rates only on the weekends.

With this addition, you can now control:

  • Days
  • Time of Day (Hours)
  • Location
  • Cost per kWh
  • Currency



New Beta Feature: Modern Dashboard Redesign

We've released a redesigned version of the modern dashboard for our Beta Testers, which features an improved layout and more room to display metrics about your daily drives and charging sessions.

The quick access buttons have been updated to reflecting more commonly used features.

Vehicle: Now including Calendar, Updates, Settings

Drives: Now includes Locations and Trips

Charges: Now includes Plans (Rates) and Electricity Usage.

In an upcoming version, a map will showcase all routes driven throughout a day as well as a better breakdown of charging metrics and costs.


We've improved support for vehicle names with special characters and yes, emojis.


New Feature: Electricity Usage

Our Electricity Usage and Costs feature is now out of Beta and has been given some improvements based on the feedback of our beta testing participants! These changes include:

  • Adjusting the billing start day directly from the Electricity Usage page.
  • Clicking on a charging session's name will now bring you to its respective page.
  • Performance and database improvements have been made to reduce the page load time by 50%.

The Electricity Usage page can also now be found under the "Charges" navigation dropdown or on individual vehicle pages for all premium members.


Annual Subscriptions Now Available

You can now switch to an annual subscription at any time once subscribed and is available at $30/year (two months for free). When updating, you will only have to pay a prorated amount.

The membership page has also been simplified to allow you to cancel and update your subscription all in one place.

You can also now add, remove, or update payment methods via the same billing panel.



  • Improvements were made to make text in some input boxes easier to see while on Dark Mode within Account or Vehicle settings.


  • Added steering wheel heater controls.
  • Restored the option to force update vehicles via our API for premium accounts.
  • Resolved an issue causing text to be invisible on Account Settings pages while Dark Mode was enabled.
  • Resolved an issue causing text to be visually cut off on the API Key page.
  • Added Long Range Plus as an option for Model S vehicles.


  • Added a link to API Key settings on the Siri Shortcuts page if one hasn't been generated yet.


  • Added seat heater controls.


  • Added support for matching the device's UI settings (night/day) when switching.
  • Tweaked the software update metrics to only utilize recently updated vehicles for better accuracy.


  • Resolved an issue causing text on several pages to be illegible on mobile devices.


  • Improved the Tesla Account connection issue email (expired/invalid) to be clearer.


  • Switched to use the mail service Postmark for better deliverability.
  • Added new endpoints in preparation for our upcoming mobile apps. We'll update our documentation with more information as these become finalized.
    • "Vehicles" endpoint (/vehicles) allows for viewing the vehicles under a Teslascope account.
    • "Drives" endpoint allows for viewing a paginated result of driving sessions for a particular vehicle.
    • "Charges" endpoint allows for viewing a paginated result of charging sessions for a particular vehicle.
    • Endpoints for individual driving and charging sessions have also been added.


  • Resolved an issue where two invalid token emails would be sent erroneously.



Added a full screen toggle/option on individual driving session, trip, and lifetime driving pages.


Improvements made to ensure emails are sent out under all circumstances when we detect Tesla Account tokens have been invalidated.


New Feature: Split A Driving Session

We've implemented a new feature that allows you to effortlessly split a driving session at any specific location and time. Splitting a drive will create a new driving session with the chosen data points / "progress" and automatically recalculate the metrics for each.

This is useful for scenarios such as:

  • Separating a round trip drive into two parts.
  • Tracking drive efficiency for each trip while driving for Lyft/Uber or delivery services.
  • Excluding/Removing the start or end of a drive for privacy when sharing with others.

Note: All driving sessions must have at least two progress points to be considered valid.

Improved Experience When Connecting Your Tesla Account

xxx We've redesigned and improved the experience when connecting your Tesla Account both when you've first signed up but also via the Tesla Account page.

Charging Session Page Improvements

xxx We've refreshed the design of charging sessions to improve how summarized data is displayed in preparation of upcoming changes.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Several Help Center articles have been updated to include new information about token generation and Tesla Account authentication.
  • We've added additional fixes to prevent duplicate software update records from occurring.
  • The changelog now supports videos, as can be seen above!



Self-Generated Refresh Tokens Are Back!

We're pleased to share that support for generating and providing your own refresh tokens utilizing the new Tesla OAuth SSO authentication system is now available on Teslascope.

The "How to generate your own tokens" documentation has been updated to provide new information about the recent changes in addition to open-source code for generating a refresh token. In the following weeks, we'll add other methods for different programming languages and other community projects.


We've updated the authentication process for UnlockMyTesla.com to utilize the new Tesla OAuth SSO.




Redesigned Login and Sign Up

To celebrate the launch of the redesigned Model S and Model X, we've updated the graphic of our Login/Sign Up pages. We also improved the overall visibility of the forgotten password link.


New Beta Feature: Electricity Usage

As requested by one of our community members, we're currently experimenting with a build out of an electricity usage / quick glance page which will show you how much you've paid at your non-Supercharging locations for your current and previous billing period.

You can adjust your Billing Period (Start Day) via the "Charging" tab of Vehicle Settings.

This feature will receive many updates and improvements prior to its public launch. As always, you can gain early access to beta features and support the service's development via our premium membership.

Tesla OAuth SSO Support + Breaking Changes

On January 29th, Tesla finalized the transition to their new OAuth authentication system and deprecated an endpoint used by third-party services for refreshing tokens. Developers within the Tesla community worked together diligently, and we're pleased to have officially added support for both Tesla's new OAuth SSO authentication in addition to new token refresh flow a single day later.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of these changes, all Tesla accounts connected prior to January 30, 2021 will eventually fail to refresh. If this occurs, you will just need to reconnect your Tesla account, which should take under a minute.

Note: We have temporarily removed support for authentication via refresh tokens due to the significantly increased complexity of generating your own tokens, although we are currently working on an easy, no hassle, open source method of doing so. We expect for this to be completed by mid-February.



Improvements for International Vehicle Owners

Teslascope's community is made up of individuals from every region of the world and thus inclusivity is paramount to providing a quality experience for each and every vehicle owner.

Today we're pleased to share we've implemented a new exclusive and highly requested feature for all members; matching your account's preferences when sharing your vehicle's page or content! You can now toggle this under the "Advanced" tab of vehicle settings.

What does this mean?

Instead of defaulting to English and the Imperial system, you can now toggle "Matching" so your shared content (driving/charging sessions and trips) along with your vehicle's public page will now reflect your own account's preferences.


  • Improvements were made to the onboarding process by ensuring the manual vehicle wake up process is more consistent.
  • Resolved an issue causing some locations on the knowledge base (Teslapedia) to be inaccessible.


The following translations have been updated thanks to wonderful volunteers within the community.

  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Norwegian
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian

The following translations are now available:

  • Polish


  • Updated disclaimers on the premium subscription page to make the upgrade process clearer.


  • Added support for 2021 to the Calendar and Day View.


  • Improvements were made to software update pages to reduce page load times due to uncached data.
  • The color of some buttons on the Developer area were changed from green to blue.