Updates Blog

Updates and improvements made to Teslascope in 2020.



Back from a small break!

  • Searching for Supercharger locations with no country selected will no longer result in an error.
  • Resolved an issue causing some Supercharger locations to not display their intended name.


Developer API Improvements

In preparation for our upcoming API developer platform launching next year, we've made several improvements to our APIs to be more useful to developers. New detailed data endpoints have been added to many APIs which can be accessed by appending /detailed to the end of the following API endpoints.

The Vehicle API now includes a detailed data endpoint for viewing the latest data stored for the vehicle.

The Vehicle Command API now includes the API response from Tesla, which typically provides more contextual information about whether the command succeeded or not. Additionally, a new detailed data endpoint has been added to view the latest version of stored vehicle data.

The Vehicle State/Status API now includes a detailed data endpoint for providing more information about the vehicle.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • The vehicle control API for "stopDefrost" is now functioning as intended.


  • Fixed broken icons on software update pages.
  • Fixed the country and day widgets not populating properly on software update pages.


  • Improved the page layout for Siri Shortcuts / Developer Documentation on mobile devices.
  • Added support for the new Model 3 refresh (2021) wheels.


  • Improved load times for release notes on particular software updates.



  • Teslascope was updated to support PHP8.0, bringing significant performance improvements to both the web service and our underlying vehicle polling infrastructure.
  • Resolved an issue preventing TeslaFi imports from successfully uploading due to PHP8.


  • When a Teslascope member is banned from a group or if the group is private, you will now be redirected to the groups' homepage, instead of seeing a 404 page.


(Even More) New Group Features

xxx When a group is public, you can now allow Teslascope members to request joining (an opt-in feature), which will now appear on the Manage Members page. From here, you can either Approve or Reject the request.

We've additionally added the ability to ban members, which will prevent any access to the group or its homepage.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Featured groups now appear on the Groups homepage.
  • Increased the group activity pagination from 5 to 15, based on feedback.
  • Re-added the deactivation link to settings, which was accidentally removed on 11/23.
  • Removed the "private vehicle" icon from group member lists, as it was unnecessary.


New Group Features

xxx You can now compare yourself to other members within a group! Clicking on a member via the Members area will now display more information about their public vehicles. Click on the "Compare" button to view a comparison between your accounts.

There is also now an activity feed, which puts you in control over what data is included and shared with your group members.

  • Hide My Activity excludes all of your public vehicle(s) from the activity feed entirely.
  • Show Shared Activity automatically includes any shared driving or charging sessions that would normally appear on your vehicle's public page.
  • Show All Activity includes all driving and charging sessions, however any that are not publicly shared will not provide a direct link to respect your privacy.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Corrected some misspellings throughout the service.
  • The vehicle image will now be hidden on group member lists if the primary vehicle is not public.


Settings Redesign + Re-organization

We've redesigned and reworked the entire account settings area and pages of the service! You can now access the following pages from the unified settings area:

  • Preferences (Time zone, Language, and other site-related settings)
  • Security (Password, Username, Email, and 2FA)
  • Tesla Account (Manage your connected Tesla Account)
  • Integrations (Discord and more coming soon)
  • Beta Testing (Opt-in to test upcoming features)
  • API Access (Access or regenerate your API key)

The options for Tesla Account and Integrations have been removed from the Account navigation menu.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Optimizations made to account data caching.



We've been hard at work on a new version of Teslascope that includes brand-new features, improvements and updates to several pages across the service, redesigns of major components including the navigation bar and header, in addition to further performance optimizations.

A full breakdown of these changes can be found below.

Vehicle Quick View Improvements

xxx The "Quick View" area (shown above the navigation bar) has been updated to now display a visual indication of battery life and the height of this section has been reduced by 10%. Hovering (or tapping) on the battery visualization will display the current range (in miles/kilometers).

On mobile devices, we've now hidden the outside temperature to allow for the Quick View section to take up 42% less space by reducing the amount of "lines" of metrics from three to two. As always, you can still find the Outside Temperature either on the Vehicle Dashboard, or on an individual vehicle's page.

New Feature: Trips

xxx The much anticipated feature, Trips, has now been launched publicly and is no longer in beta! Trips allows you to add driving and charging sessions together to beautifully showcase your road trips and travels.

Want to share a recommended route or charging stops with others? You can set any trip as Public and it'll now appear on your vehicle's page for visitors and other vehicle owners to see.

Lifetime Drives Improvements

xxx The Lifetime Drives page was finally revisited since the launch of the service! A new beautiful map displays all of your driving trips all in one place alongside some metrics. We have some more plans for this page underway, so stay tuned for even more.

Update History (Vehicle)

The personal software update history page for vehicles has been redesigned and now displays new metrics. In the following weeks, we will include comparisons to similar vehicles on the fleet.

Public Charging Statistics

We've officially launched our charging statistics which is now accessible via the statistics section of our service. The main statistics page has received some updates and finally transitioned to using Mapbox.

Siri Shortcuts v1.3

xxx The Siri Shortcuts page has been reorganized based on community feedback to make the setup process clearer for new members.

  • All vehicle IDs under an account are now displayed. Previously this required manually going to vehicle settings to obtain your vehicle's ID.
  • The API key is now displayed in a textarea for easy copying on your iOS device(s).
  • The Setup Teslascope shortcut has been moved to its own area to emphasize that it is required for other shortcuts to function properly.
  • The page will now display better on mobile and tablet devices.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • The main navigation bar has been updated to incorporate our new logo and branding.
  • Vehicle polling will now continue if a vehicle has Sentry Mode enabled.
  • Updated Font Awesome to 6 (Alpha)
  • The front page has been redesigned.
  • Resolved an issue preventing a vehicle location category from being updated.


  • Resolved an issue causing Siri Shortcut and API commands to take longer to complete due to Scope Mode being enabled.


  • Resolved an error that would occur if the lifetime drives page was accessed prior to an initial drive being recorded.



Siri Shortcuts v1.2

We're excited to launch a new iteration of our Siri Shortcuts which gives you more control over your vehicle using voice controls. The new shortcuts added today include:

  • Unlocking your vehicle
  • Locking your vehicle
  • Enabling Sentry Mode
  • Disabling Sentry Mode
  • Triggering HomeLink

We've also organized shortcuts into groups to make it easier to find the exact one you're looking for! The new groups are General, Access & Security, Climate, and Windows & Doors.

Please note: The usage of unlock/lock shortcuts requires manually enabling an option found under the Advanced tab of Vehicle Settings (opt-in). This is by design and intended to keep accounts that do not wish to use these features safer.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • In combination with the aforementioned Siri Shortcuts, we've added the following commands to the Vehicle Command API: "unlock", "lock", "enableSentryMode", "disableSentryMode", and "triggerHomelink".
  • The Help Center question regarding changing the auto-pilot computer version (ie: from 2.5 to 3) has been updated to reflect recent changes where the debug page was moved to the Advanced tab of Vehicle Settings.


  • The Software Update API now includes pending vehicles including "Waiting for Wifi", "Ready to Install", "Downloading", and "Installing".
  • UX improvements were applied to the sign up page to help differentiate the two password fields.


  • You can now click on the software update version on the "available update" dialog/notice on the vehicle dashboard.
  • You can now set negative values for cost per kWh in charging plans. This was requested by many members of the community.
  • Fixed an issue causing "Performance" to be the default trim selected under vehicle settings.
  • Fixed some issues resulting in server errors when attempting to update a vehicle via the "install now" link.



Vehicle Settings Improvements

Sleep and Polling settings options have been combined in the same tab to provide a better experience for adjusting interactions with a vehicle.

Additionally, to help with discovering options for adjusting a vehicle's auto-pilot hardware and other configurations, we've moved the Vehicle Debug settings to the Advanced tab of vehicle settings and removed the old page.

Other Changes / Improvements

  • Fixed column misalignment occurring with Charge data exports (CSV).


Scope Mode Is Here!

Scope Mode (V0.3) brings much anticipated polling rate increases for premium members, allowing for improving the accuracy of driving and charging sessions.

Enabling Scope Mode will essentially double the data points available for these sessions. You can find it under the Advanced tab in vehicle settings.

Additional Changes

  • Vehicle Settings have been cleaned up and some outdated text corrected.
  • Performance improvements applied to charging session related pages.


  • Resolved charging session cost estimation inaccuracies due to enabling Scope Mode.
  • Resolved an issue with an administrative tool resulting in server errors.


  • Added additional padding to non-intelligent release notes.


  • Scope Mode V0.2 is now released to beta testers. This includes fixes to improve the stability and reliability of the increased vehicle polling.
  • The "Trips" feature is now released to beta testers.
  • Refactored some backend code relating to vehicle settings and debugging.


Beta Testing

We have finally implemented service-wide beta testing functionality for a limited selection of members. While invitations are not open at this time, premium members can request access for future consideration by contacting our team at [email protected].

Scope Mode

Scope Mode (V0.1) is now being tested by beta testing vehicles.


  • Resolved costs displaying too many decimal points on the Lifetime Charging Sessions page.
  • Updated the backend behavior for charging cost debugging.


Improvements for Regular Members

Our goal at Teslascope is to provide the best experience for all Tesla owners, without exception. Today, we are releasing a bunch of quality of life improvements that provide some new functionality for regular members as well as much-needed bug fixes.

Calendar and Day View

One of our most popular features now accessible to everyone and no longer requires a premium membership! You can expand upon this feature with charging cost calculations via a premium membership.

Referral Rewards

We've increased the reward for referring others for regular members from one week to two weeks. Additionally, if a premium trial already expired, it will now renew + an additional two weeks. Premium members will still receive two full months of premium credit.

Multiple Vehicle Support

Previously, if more than one vehicle existed on a non-premium Teslascope account, only the primary vehicle would be accessible. Today, we've opened access to the following pages for all vehicles:

  • Individual Vehicle Dashboard
  • Vehicle Settings
  • Vehicle Debug
  • Calendar
  • Day View (Calendar)



Software Updates V2.2

Based on vehicle owner feedback, we've improved our release notes by displaying if specific infotainment hardware is required for portions of a feature.

Additionally, the following changes have been made:

  • Added "Heated Charge Port" flag to software updates.
  • Improved our release notes scripting to ensure all sentences in software updates are displayed when viewing non-personalized option (while logged in).
  • Resolved an issue where the software updates page would display an error if vehicle onboarding was not completed.
  • Updated "!target_ice" and "target_ice" flags to clarify that they include Model Y as well.
  • Resolved an issue causing occasional 500 errors for our Software Update API for newer updates.



  • Resolved an issue that prevented members from logging into their accounts if 2FA was enabled.
  • Resolved an issue with dark mode not persisting.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented accessing a vehicle's software updates page if less than two updates have been recorded.


  • [Community Request] Recent charging sessions will now display the text "recently updated at" instead of "concluded at" to avoid confusion.
  • Resolved an issue where the radius of a location would be incorrectly converted to miles if the account is using kilometers.


  • Resolved a bug that resulted in duplicate vehicle update records occuring due to the vehicle rebooting while polling for new data.



Software Updates V2.1

The latest version of our Software Updates rework has now arrived! This update includes improvements to readability, better feature context, and other quality of life improvements. We'll discuss these more below!


modelsections Since the launch of our release notes, we've always just displayed everything, even if a portion of a feature was just intended for specific models. This would often lead to confusion because of repeating sentences.

With V2.1, these sections are now highlighted and easier to read through.

Context Matters

requirements In order to provide better context for each feature, we've now separated each feature into its own box. Additionally, the hardware requirements and models are now always displayed, no longer requiring hovering over their respective icons.

You can still determine the regions for each update by hovering/tapping on the globe icon as always.

What version was this again?

We've improved the desktop (and tablet) experience by fixating the sidebar as you scroll down on each Software Update page. With this change, you no longer have to guess at what version you're looking at or otherwise miss out on other important bits of information.


Today is bug catch up day!

  • Optimizations were applied to all Statistics pages, which now load 10x faster.
  • Improvements were made to charging session cost calculations to improve accuracy during degraded polling such as Tesla API issues (thanks Tyler#3443 on Discord)!
  • The Coldest Vehicle leaderboard was removed based on community feedback and to stabilize leaderboard performance.
  • Resolved the current time zone not reflecting correctly on the Account Settings page.
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in the Lifetime Charging Sessions page being inaccessible.
  • Resolved an issue that resulted in all locations pages (Superchargers) being inaccessible.
  • Fixed an issue where the pagination would display erroneously.

9/10/2020 - 9/14/2020


Teslascope Updated to Laravel 8

With the official launch of Laravel 8 and PHP 8 just around the corner, we began the process of finally updating Teslascope across two major versions of Laravel. This process began on September 10th and concluded on September 14th.

During the update process, we unfortunately ran into some technical issues that initially resulted in server errors. As a consequence while resolving the errors, cookies for all accounts were invalidated causing every member to be logged out. This was unforeseen and we apologize for the trouble this may have caused.

We'll be continuing to monitor and resolve any issues discovered post-update in the following days. If you notice anything broken, please let our team know at [email protected].



Software Updates V2.0

We're pleased to announce the beginning of our major rework to the Software Updates area of our service.

The individual software update pages have been give a much needed redesign that re-organizes the current and pending installations all in one place. The "Updates Per Day" section has also been moved to the new Statistics section, making it even easier to discover release notes on all devices without extra scrolling.


The new Statistics section now includes two new community-requested metrics; vehicles per country and per model. At a glance, you can now determine which Tesla models and geographical regions have received a specific update. Over time, we'll continue to add new metrics to this section to provide the best experience for the Tesla community.


The country associated to each software update is now displayed on our Update History area. This new metric will not be displayed on vehicle pages in order to respect privacy.



Vehicle Polling Improvements

  • We optimized our vehicle polling framework (codenamed: Pilot) tonight, which resulted in a 75% reduction of overall server infrastructural costs and queries reduced by 88%.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Vehicles with the "Inactive" Dashboard option will now display below other vehicles.
  • Fix: Vehicles without autopilot hardware selected will now update as intended, however software update logging will be disabled.
  • Resolved some grammar mistakes on various pages as reported by our community.


  • Added security.txt (Bug Bounty + Security disclaimer) for responsible disclosure.


  • We've added support for the "Aero Cap Kit" wheels to display as Aeros, until Tesla adds this render to Tesla.com.
  • Added "tacc" as a flag for specific vehicles for determining release note features (2020.36).




Vehicle Page Improvements

We've redesigned the vehicle page for the first time since late 2019 with a refreshed look and a trove of quality of life improvements.

  • The vehicle details section of each vehicle page has been redesigned and cleaned up.
    • The vehicle's current locked state is now displayed, alongside its software update and odometer reading.
    • The vehicle's VIN, previously always displayed for the vehicle owner, is now hidden behind the information icon besides the vehicle's year. Hovering over it will display the VIN in a tooltip and clicking the icon will copy your VIN to the clipboard.
    • For the first time, the vehicle graphic/render is now displayed on mobile devices! This has been highly requested by our community.
  • We've added support for setting a vehicle's charging limit to the main vehicle page. It works like magic.
  • We've cleaned up the climate section and combined some statuses such as defrosters for a cleaner look.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • We've resolved an issue where mobile pages had an excessive amount of space at the top of each page.
  • When toggling between styles, maps on pages will now switch between dark/light as intended.
  • Fixed a broken icon while viewing the "public preview notice" on a vehicle's page.


Vehicle Settings

The vehicle settings page was reorganized to be easier to navigate, as well as a new Charging section. This section includes the previous "Free Supercharging" setting as well as a new "Cost Calculation" setting for automatically calculating charging costs if you've set up charging plans (rates).

Additionally, the following changes were applied:

  • Up to three settings boxes will now display in a single row on larger monitors (previously up to two).
  • The Sleep Modes section now takes up considerably less space.
  • The "New" label was removed from the Software Update Logging setting under the Advanced section.
  • The Public ID setting box was cleaned up to ensure longer IDs display correctly on all devices.

Vehicle Debug

Based on community feedback, the vehicle debug page has been reworked and now allows you to change your vehicle's trim without requiring using "Refresh Configuration" which previously would force your vehicle to wake up.

All settings that allow for selections/customization (such as auto-pilot hardware and trim) are all now found all in one place for easier navigating.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Various backend improvements made to vehicle-related functions.
  • Changing styles (light/dark mode) on mobile devices now is more reliable.
  • The Forgot Password link is now easier to see on the login page.


Dark Mode Improvements

Building off our recent real-time vehicle controls update, we've now made some improvements to our Dark Mode. Switching between Dark and Light mode will now occur instantly and no longer refresh the page.

Note: Some elements such as map previews will not automatically switch between light/dark and will reflect properly after a page refresh. This will be resolved in the following week.

You can also now type "D" at any time to switch styles.

Other Changes

  • Slight design changes were applied to the navigation bar menu dropdowns.
  • Fixed a redirect for software updates that was producing errors.


  • A new option for filtering by charging speed (max kW) has been added to Supercharger location searching on our Teslapedia.
  • Added "startCharging" and "stopCharging" to the Vehicle Control API.
  • Adjustments were made to help prevent fragmented driving sessions due to weak vehicle signal.
  • The vehicle's odometer is now logged when beginning a charging session for upcoming features.


  • Resolved an issue causing some charging sessions incorrectly displaying as a Supercharging session on the Calendar Day View page.


  • Improvements were made to the Trips feature for alpha testers.
  • Adjusted the charging cost calculation notice to be clearer.


Vehicle Controls have been significantly reworked and now update in real-time. A new loading indicator now appears and automatically updates to display the status of the particular control.

  • Controls now complete twice as fast when a vehicle is already awake.
  • Defrost Mode has been fixed.
  • The Lock and Sentry Mode status is now visible when viewing the Vehicle Controls.
  • The vehicle battery and temperature boxes now appear less intensely when viewing the Vehicle Controls.

Other improvements or changes include:

  • The footer is now 60% smaller on mobile devices.
  • [Community Requested] The navigation bar on mobile devices has been given a slight padding increase for easier navigating.
  • A fix was applied to properly return a "not found" (404) page if a software update is requested that doesn't exist.


  • Made some grammar corrections to the new Tesla Service section in our Help Center.
  • Resolved an issue causing the "first spotted" value of our Software API to return null.


  • Added new Tesla Service section in our Help Center.
  • Updated our legal disclaimers to prepare for upcoming features.
  • Resolved an issue causing the 2FA text to be hard to see if the user has Dark Mode on.
  • Resolved an issue causing the trims for Performance and Long Range trims of Model S/X to be incorrectly capitalized.



  • Several Database optimizations and overall improvements have been made for software update-related sections of the service.
    • Software Update pages now load about twice as fast.
    • Software Update release notes for non-English languages have been optimized and now load much faster.
    • We have temporarily removed the "United States / Other Country" data on the main Software Updates page, initially added on 7/22.
    • The main Software Update page now uses 90% less memory on our backend.
  • Initial vehicle data processing during onboarding is now twice as fast.
  • The Vehicle Dashboard is now 20% faster.


  • Disabled logging of errors due to Tesla infrastructural issues, as it resulted in heavy CPU usage causing instability.


  • Resolved an issue causing "Standard Range Plus" Model 3s to visually not display the correct trim.
  • Resolved some visual bugs on vehicle pages when accessed via the Tesla browser.


  • The Software Updates page has received some updates, including now displaying the total vehicles per version, in addition to the total in the United States and other countries on the bar graph.

    Additionally, the statistics section was redesigned slightly.

  • Resolved an issue preventing the "One Minute" option in "Recent Polling Frequency" vehicle settings from being selected.

  • Resolved an issue making the "Quiet Mode" banner not appear as intended on mobile devices.

  • Resolved an issue causing some boxes on the debug vehicle page to appear stretched on mobile devices.

  • The status for Sentry Mode has been hidden for vehicles with auto-pilot hardware 1.0.


  • Resolved a reported visual bug where text would be displayed as "inside temperature" even when referring to an outside temperature.


xxx Charging sessions that occur at a saved location will now display the location's name in the charging session box and on the individual page view.

  • The Teslascope logo in the footer will no longer spin by default.


For July, we focused on a massive rework of the service, redesigning many pages to provide a clean, consistent experience for vehicle owners and visitors.

Modern Dashboard + Dashboard Selection

xxx The vehicle dashboard has been redesigned to provide more information at a glance. We've also added buttons for commonly accessed features below each of the three "at a glance" sections.

When a vehicle has not driven or charged recently, these boxes will appear blue to designate being idle. Once active, each section will appear green and display relevant driving or charging information.

You can now change the selected dashboard for each vehicle separately via vehicle settings:

  • "Modern", which displays the most vehicle metrics and provides buttons for commonly accessed features (seen above).
  • "Simple", which is more similar to the previous version of the dashboard and hides some metrics.
  • "Inactive", which is useful when you don't use a specific vehicle often.

Software Update Awareness

xxx Teslascope will now inform you when a software update is available for your vehicle, often long before the Tesla mobile app will notify you. Once downloaded, you can begin the installation right from Teslascope.

Additionally, we've updated the vehicle API to now include variables for a pending software update including the status, version, and download/install percentages.

Driving / Charging Box Improvements

xxx To promote better consistency and allow for displaying more useful data, we've made the following changes to these boxes:

  • Displaying the absolute date (ie: 7/11/29 4:20PM) instead of relative time.
  • Shortened some phrases to display on one line for all devices.
  • "No Cost Calculated" was changed to "Calculate Cost" to better explain the intent.
  • Removed the USD circle icon which would often lead to confusion.

We're also pleased to share that all driving boxes now display the drive's overall efficiency, designated by an icon. You can also hover or tap on the icon to view the exact efficiency of the driving session.

  • 85% or higher will be considered as great efficiency.
  • 75-84% will be considered as good efficiency.
  • 65-74% will be considered as neutral efficiency.
  • 64% and lower will be considered as bad efficiency.

Driving Statistics Improvements

We've increased the amount of days displayed from two weeks to one month in order to give a better impression of changes over time.

We've also applied some subtle improvements to the page's overall design.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Schedule Sleep Mode is now available for non-premium members as originally intended.
  • Emails sent from our team on special occasions will now be sent from the email address [email protected] instead of [email protected].
  • Fixed a missing icon on the Homelink controls.
  • If the auto-pilot hardware of a vehicle has not been selected yet, you will now be redirected back to the onboarding process.
  • A new "scheduleSoftwareUpdate" command was added to the Vehicle Control API. Note: This will only succeed if a software update is available to install.
  • The changelog page was given some subtle design improvements for Dark Mode, in addition to increasing the size of embedded images.
  • We've corrected and improved the grammar on fifteen pages for the English language.
  • Added a new question "How can I remove a vehicle from Teslascope?" to the Help Center.


  • (Community Requested) You will now receive an email if we were unable to refresh tokens and have paused vehicle polling due to general server instability or issues experienced with Tesla's infrastructure.


  • A notice will now be posted in the #software channel of the Tesla Motors Discord server when a new software update is detected.
  • Backend improvements made to modularize software update functions.
  • The Software Update API now includes new variables, including an array of features (titles) for each software update, when available.


  • You can now set a vehicle's trim if not previously provided under the Vehicle Debug page.
  • Fixed referrals resulting in a server error while attempting to sign up for an account.



  • Resolved the "home" icon on mobile not appearing properly.
  • Significant backend improvements made to reorganize vehicle-related models in preparation for upcoming features.
  • Backend improvements made to modularize software update feature titles.


We've introduced a new onboarding process based on community feedback to provide a simplified and elegant way of getting your vehicles set up. There is a new option for selecting the autopilot hardware version in addition to providing a vehicle's trim if we couldn't determine it automatically.

The new onboarding ensures that we're able to provide a more streamlined experience from start to finish.



  • Subsetted our Font Awesome library to reduce overhead and improve performance on some pages.


  • Updated the token generation commands to work more expectedly across all versions of Mac OS.


  • Applied a fix for charging costs cosmetically appearing incorrect under the "Recent (24 hours)" section on the charging sessions page.
  • Applied a fix for newer Model S / X vehicles not displaying the correct release notes.


Integrations have officially launched, which allows you to connect other third party services or apps to your Teslascope account.

Initially, we've added support for connecting your Discord account to allow for verifying vehicle ownership (on applicable servers) in addition to soon being able to interact with your vehicle via our Discord bot.


  • A link to the primary vehicle's imports can now be found in the navigation bar under "Vehicle".


We have reworked the Day View pages of the Calendar to provide a more consistent experience and makes it easier to view more information at a glance about each driving and charging session.

As an effort to promote better experiences for every member of Teslascope and the worldwide Tesla community, ALL accounts can now use Normal Sleep Mode without a premium subscription.


We completely overhauled our email system and added a new default design for automated messages. Additionally, we added a new way to request for support directly from the service, without having to send an email.

While logged in, you can access this new support method by navigating to https://teslascope.com/help!


A new caching system was implemented to the backend to improve overall page performance by about 20% and reduce overall database queries in various places, codenamed "Scope".


  • Improvements were made to ensure the selected supercharger is now more accurate when two locations exist within a mile of one another.
  • Applied a workaround for rare edge cases where a vehicle's odometer may return as null and was causing an error for one owner.


  • Vehicle settings can now be changed if a vehicle has logging disabled due to removing Tesla Account tokens.
  • Applied a fix to make it easier to read text on the Token Generation help page while on Dark Mode.


  • Applied a fix for some instances where Sleep Mode would be activated during the wrong timezone.


You can now adjust the distance radius in which driving/charging sessions and charging plans are associated to a particular location. This will also alter the radius used for the automatic naming of driving sessions. In a future update, this will be further improved to visualize the radius.

We've made some adjustments to our premium membership system to allow for promo codes to now be used by any member, whether previously subscribed or not. This is preparation for our announced giveaways, which will always take place on our Twitter.

We have also published our official Giveaways legal terms for your reading pleasure.

If you are on the board of a Tesla club or gathering, or otherwise would like to be able to provide promo codes (for up to three to six months of premium membership credit) to your community, please inquire to [email protected].

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • 19" Tempest Wheels will now render properly for newer Model S vehicles.
  • The placeholders "" have been removed from the latitude/longitude values on the Vehicle API.
  • More context is now provided on the vehicle list (home page) if a particular vehicle is being serviced by Tesla, or if updating recently failed due to API issues.


The official launch of our Teslascope for Developers section, featuring the initial release of our Siri Shortcuts, Discord Bot, and much more discussed below.

Additionally, a handful of quality of life improvements have been made.

Siri Shortcuts

Our Siri Shortcuts allows you to control your Tesla using your voice or via automation. We've made interacting with our API as effortless as possible; simply provide your vehicle's public ID and your generated API key and you're all set.

For v1.0, the following Siri Shortcuts are available:

  • Update Vehicle (Updates your vehicle's information.)
  • Flash Lights (Sends a request to flash your vehicle's lights.)
  • Honk Horn (Sends a request to honk your vehicle's horns.)
  • Turn AC On (Sends a request to turn air conditioning on.)
  • Turn AC Off (Sends a request to turn air conditioning off.)
  • Vent Windows (Sends a request to vent the windows.)
  • Close Windows (Sends a request to close the windows.)
  • Open Frunk (Sends a request to open the frunk.)
  • Open Trunk (Sends a request to open the trunk (or close on a Model X/Y).)

Discord Bot

One of our first open source projects, the Discord Bot allows you to request for certain information from Teslascope via a Discord server. You can also interact directly with the bot via DMs.

In the future, more functionality will be added to allow for control your vehicle via the bot once authenticated.



This is a big day! Today, we're announcing the biggest quality of life improvements and new features relating to our Software Updates features on Teslascope!

Software Update Timeline

Our new timeline allows for viewing the entirety of Tesla's software updates from the very beginning, all in one place. Effortlessly find similar updates, organized by the initial week of development.

View important details such as the first noticed dates, current vehicle counts, as well as a glimpse of the release notes.

Software Update Status

Our software update pages now include pending status for the vehicles on our service! You can now view these categorized by:

  • Waiting for Wifi to download
  • Downloading
  • Available to Install
  • Installing

Once installed, those vehicles are then included in our overall total on a version.

Translation Improvements

More portions of our software update pages' strings now support translations, once updated by our wonderful volunteers.


We've released a new feature to our smart release notes for software updates! You can now view the countries that a particular feature is supported or available in. The country that your vehicle resides in will also be highlighted in this list of countries.

Simply hover over the world/globe icon next to each section to view more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved the Frunk and Trunk controls not working as intended.


  • Resolved an issue that caused the default charging plan rate to display incorrectly. This did not effect cost calculations.


The Help Center has been updated and several new questions have been added based on community feedback and commonly asked questions sent to our support email.

  • General
    • I noticed a translation is incorrect. Where can I report this?
  • Vehicles
    • Why won't my vehicle finish set up?
    • Why does my vehicle have the wrong autopilot hardware shown?
    • Can I share my driving sessions?
    • Why do my drives not have a name? (Unnamed)?
    • Can I share my charging sessions?
    • How are charging costs calculated?
  • Security and Safety
    • Can I disconnect my Tesla Account?

The about page and regular vs. premium membership list has also been updated to include new features we've launched this year such as data importing and smart release notes.


  • Allow for initial charging rate to use up to six decimal points.


  • Resolved an issue that caused icons on the Markdown editor to not appear while on Dark Mode.
  • Resolved an issue that caused errors if a vehicle owner attempted to generate costs for a charge, without setting up a default rate.


  • Added option to recalculate all charging sessions using the currently defined rates.
  • Adjusted the location of the "recalculate" link for charging sessions to be easier to discover. It is now included in the "Cost Estimation" box when clicking on the edit icon.
  • Resolved cosmetic issues that were occurring on the Software Updates page for Firefox users.


  • You can now manually provide coordinates when creating a new location.
  • You can now modify the coordinates of a saved location.
  • Resolved errors in rare situations when creating a location.
  • Resolved errors when accessing the lifetime charging page without setting up a default plan yet.


This update includes major reworks to the charging plans/rates system with community requested features, in addition to the much anticipated ability to create locations. I spent some time freshening up the house during Shelter In Place and felt the vehicle pages needed some love as well.

Charging Plans/Rates

  • Charging plans now natively support foreign currencies, no longer requiring you to use USD as the cost per kWh.
  • The default currency will now be used for displaying all costs to provide more consistency. You can hover over any costs on charging session boxes to view the original cost and currency.
  • Adjusting your default currency will adjust the display of all costs instantly.
  • You can now associate charging rates to specific locations.
  • You can now set charging rates to free / no cost.
  • You can now use up to six decimal points for cost per kwh.
  • You can now set charging rates to apply all day.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented charging rates being able to overlap.
  • Added a "Regenerate Cost" button to charging session pages (not necessary for this update).


We've officially launched of our Locations feature, which was the 2nd highest requested feature since our launch last year. After three months of development, we're pleased to finally share it with our community.

  • Create custom locations which will automatically be included in new driving session titles.
  • View every single driving and charging session that occurred at a specific location.
  • Choose from a selection of tags for easily organizing locations. An upcoming update will allow for filtering and sorting by tags.

Quality of Life Improvements

We focused on improving the overall experience while on vehicle pages, simplifying navigation, and implemented a handful of requests we've received since the beginning of the year from our community on Twitter, Discord, and via email.

  • The Lifetime and Shared Drives buttons now appear even if you haven't recently driven on vehicle pages.
  • The Vehicle Updates box now allows you to click on the new version to view its respective release notes / software page, mimicking the behavior on dedicated page for it.
  • The main vehicle page has been given a design rework and cleaned up.
  • The "Only You Can View" icons on various sections of the vehicle page have been removed to avoid redundancy.
  • You can now click on a "eye" icon at the very top right of your vehicle page to preview what it appears like publicly (if you opt in).
  • Fleet comparisons for climate and battery have been removed. They will return in an upcoming update.
  • You can now hover over the clock icon next to "Last Updated" to view the last state the vehicle was in (ie: asleep, online).



  • Launched our Feature Requests page, which gives a glimpse of our roadmap and planned features.


We've vastly improved the Onboarding experience based on community feedback. In addition to better error handling, the following improvements were made:

  • When signing up with tokens, now only the refresh token is required.
  • Previously, if a refresh token was not provided, the user was not informed and token updating would not be successful after thirty days. The new process resolves this by immediately using the provided refresh token to generate a new set of access and refresh tokens.
  • A new method for generating tokens on Windows 7 and 10 has been added. Thanks /u/Saidin86!
  • If a vehicle was in service upon signing up, new default messages will appear on the vehicle list (home page).
  • Some vocabulary changes to be more clear on the account linking process.

Additionally, the following changes have been made:

  • Teslascope will now automatically tweet when a new software update is noticed for the first time.
    • This tweet will include the version number and the vehicle's model, trim, state + country.
  • The links for sharing a vehicle and Teslascope referrals have been updated to match the new short urls.
  • To match our growing fleet, we've reduced the software update rollout required percentages from 10% and 5% -> 7% and 3%.


Unique Short Urls

We've launched a new short url (tsla.is) which can be used for easily sharing your vehicle with others (when set to public). Simply append your vehicle's public id (found in your vehicle's settings) to the url tsla.is, like in this example:



  • Added toggle for switching between viewing all of the release notes and those just for your vehicle.
  • Added French, Turkish, and German language support.


We've launched our latest feature "Intelligent Release Notes" which determines and selects the exact release notes to match your own vehicle, in addition to matching the language you've selected under your account. We are pleased to share that Teslascope is the only service in the world that provides this feature.

The same graphics you know and love are now also included in most release notes.

You can now determine which models each feature is intended for in addition as what requirements there are. Feature requirements are typically physical components such as autopilot hardware versions, specific model trims (Performance), or requiring the latest infotainment system.

Additionally, the following changes were made:

  • A badge has been added to the Software Updates page to indicate early access releases.

If you notice any mistakes or otherwise the wrong release notes (sections) appearing for your vehicle configuration, please let our team know.


  • Added support for accessing the calendar for years previous to Teslascope's inception, useful for imported data.
  • Driving and charging session boxes now display an icon if imported.


  • Added support for the exterior paint color "Green", typically only available for older Model S vehicles.
  • Added an option for "No Autopilot" in vehicle debug.


Data Importing

We're pleased to announce that we've now launched our Data Importing feature which allows you to import data from services such as TeslaFi. This has been worked on for three months to ensure we can provide the best possible transition between services as possible. Your data is processed within seconds and immediately available.

  • Detailed metrics regarding the importing process and how many driving and charging sessions were imported.
  • Effortlessly compare your imported metrics to those on the other service.
  • A button for accessing your vehicle imports has been added to the vehicle page's sidebar.
  • Delete all imported sessions in a single button click.


  • Several design improvements have been made to charging session boxes and the "Vehicle Updates" section on vehicle pages.


  • Resolved a bug causing the vehicle controls button from not appearing on mobile devices.



  • We've updated the vehicle sidebar to now inform you if your vehicle has a scheduled charge and at what time.
  • Additionally, new status messages regarding charging now display such as plugged in but not actively charging.
  • The ability to Start Charging and Stop Charging has been added to the Vehicle Controls.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the default charging plan (rates) would be selected if a Time of Use (ToU) plan overlapped midnight.



  • Charging sessions are now properly categorized as their proper type (Supercharging, Chademo, CCS) in the Calendar.
  • Combo and Chademo sessions will no longer be improperly categorized as "Supercharging".
  • Backend improvements were made resulting in the calendar now loading about 30% faster.


  • The Software API will no longer incorrectly return the incorrect version on some occasions.
    • A common occurrence of this was when requesting for "2020.12.5", you would incorrectly receive the response for "2020.12.5.1".


  • Added support for interacting with a vehicle's Homelink devices both via the Vehicle Controls UI, in addition to the associated API endpoint.
  • Resolved an issue that made the vehicle name not populate certain translated strings.


  • Model Ys and vehicles manufactured in 2020 will now default to HW3.0 (Full Self-Driving Computer) in their configuration.
  • Resolved a bug preventing some vehicles from finishing their initial setup.
  • Resolved a bug that would display Model Y vehicles when "Model X" was selected on the Update History page.


  • Added a new option toggle in Vehicle Settings to control whether your vehicle's software updates are logged. When disabled, your vehicle will not log any new software versions and will be excluded from the Update History and Software Updates (Knowledge Base) pages.
    • Explanation: This was added to allow vehicle owners who are actively part of Tesla's Early Access Program to be more mindful of NDAs.
  • Resolved a bug causing driving session boxes to be squished on mobile devices.
  • Resolved a bug causing the navigation bar on mobile devices to display incorrectly.



We've been busy the last few weeks working on the largest update to Teslascope since our launch last year. This update focuses on a blend of new features, quality of life improvements, and further translations to the entire service. We'll break down everything below.

Vehicle Page Improvements

  • The Software Update page has been given a major rework, adding some community requested features such as the days between updates, and how many days since individual updates were first seen by the fleet.
  • Your shared charging sessions now appear on your vehicle's page.
  • The main vehicle page sidebar has been slightly redesigned and now appears better on all devices.
  • A new Statistics section has been added to the bottom of all vehicle pages, which displays some basic metrics about driving and charging sessions, the vehicle's current autopilot hardware version, and how long it has been part of the Teslascope fleet.
  • You asked for it and we listened. Direct links to the Lifetime Charging Sessions, Charging Rates (Plans), and Shared Charging Session pages have been added below the "Recent Charging Sessions" section.
  • Similarly, the Lifetime Driving Sessions and Shared Driving Session pages have been added below the "Recent Drives" section.

Vehicle Debug

The Vehicle Debug / Configuration page has been given a major rework, adding new options for waking up your vehicle and checking its current state (ie: online, asleep, offline).

API / Developer Documentation Improvements

We've redesigned the entire developer documentation to be easier to use and navigate on any device. There are also new API endpoints that have been added with this update:

  • Vehicle Wake Up: Allows for sending pass-through requests to Tesla's APIs to wake up your vehicle.
  • Vehicle Commands: Allows for controlling various aspects of your vehicle. For owner safety, we do not allow for unlocking/locking via this endpoint.
  • Vehicle State: Allows for requesting the current state (ie: online, asleep, offline) of a vehicle.

Additionally, we've improved our Software Update endpoints to provide more information such as git commit and the parent update (that shares release notes).

Miscellaneous Changes / Bug Fixes

  • A new Vehicle navigation dropdown has been added which now contains direct links to the Calendar, Trips, Software Updates, Debug, and Vehicle Settings.
  • The top navigation bar now fixates once you've begun scrolling down.
  • Selecting a language via Account Settings will now immediately reflect the changes instead of requiring a page reload.
  • More areas of the service have been translated.
  • Fast-charging sessions will now display the type on charging session boxes and individual pages. (Thanks Jip#1234!)
  • Fast-charging sessions will no longer incorrectly be considered Supercharging on individual Calendar day pages.
  • Charging and Driving Session boxes now display an icon if the session occurred today.
  • The Update History now includes a vehicle's hardware version.
  • Software Update pages now display how many vehicles received an update in the US and elsewhere.

New Languages

We've recently added Ukrainian as an option and have Russian, French, Spanish, and Turkish underway.

Translation Improvements

We've updated the following pages, adding more translated strings to provide a better experience for our community. This is still a work in progress and if you notice anything not translated (or needing improvement), please let us know at [email protected]!

  • Software Updates
  • Software Update (Individual)
  • Shared Driving Sessions & Charging Sessions
  • Lifetime Driving Sessions & Charging Sessions
  • Drive Sessions & Charging Sessions
  • Calendar
  • Statistics
  • Tesla Account page.
  • Data Export
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Leaderboards


  • Applied some performance improvements to the Lifetime Charges page in addition to making it easier to view charging and supercharging sessions at the same time.


  • The Software Update page has been given some visual improvements.
  • Added a new "Related Software Updates" section to software update pages.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "no patch notes" notice to appear even if a parent update was assigned.


The on-boarding process after signing up has been redesigned and improved based on community feedback. Several improvements were also made to make the pages easier to use on mobile devices.

The following questions were added to the Help Center under the section Security:

  • Does Teslascope support 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)?
  • Can I disconnect my Tesla Account?
  • Can I deactivate my account?


  • We've now added Odometer readings to driving session pages. This is a retroactive change and will automatically include odometer readings for all driving sessions that have occurred since August 7th, 2019 (a few days after our beta's launch).
  • Improvements have been made to the driving session data table to display information more cleanly on mobile devices.
  • Added battery metrics (start to end) to driving session pages.
  • Fix the Calendar displaying the current date incorrectly.


  • Fixed a bug causing Supercharging sessions to be categorized as regular sessions on the Lifetime charging page.
  • Updated the About Page with new features, graphics, and more!
  • Updated the Front Page to resolve the "Miles Recorded" metric overflowing to the next line.



Today's update is some quality of life improvements to Charging and Driving Session boxes.

  • We've improved the map preview that appears on charging session boxes to display 4x more of the surrounding area to give more context. This was a community requested change. You may need to hard refresh your browser's cache to see the new map previews.
  • Fixed a bug where the map previews were stretched or distorted on mobile devices.
  • The title on charging / driving session boxes has been made bolder to stand out more.
  • The quotes around a driving session's name has been removed.
  • You can now click on "No cost calculated" on charging session boxes to generate its cost.


Driving Session pages have been given a major redesign, including a beautiful new full-width map with endpoints, improvements for mobile devices, and other small tweaks. We are now using Mapbox instead of Google Maps to provide a more uniform and elegant experience for our community and members.

  • The latitude and longitude displayed on the table have been shortened.
  • The AC/Climate table column has been combined with the Temperature column to reduce space usage.
  • The Edit button's color has changed from blue to green.
  • The Delete button's icon has been replaced with a trashcan.
  • The drive's quick description box style now properly updates on Dark Mode.

Translations for the following languages have been updated:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian


  • The "Current Drive" box has been moved from the "Quick View" area (above the navigation bar) to the main content area to resolve some issues on mobile.
  • Additionally, the "View Current Location" link which originally just opened up Google Maps has now been replaced with a link to the current drive.


  • If a vehicle is in Service Mode (by Tesla or an authorized location), a new message will now appear in the "Last Updated" box on the home page (vehicle list). Clicking on this will bring you to a new Help Center page / documentation with more information.
  • Vehicle Controls are now disabled while a vehicle is in service mode.
  • Resolved an issue where the Vehicle Controls button would appear on mobile devices even if disabled in vehicle settings.
  • Added new error handling for vehicles in Service Mode.


  • Added a notice that displays if an error occurs while connecting a Tesla.com account during initial account setup.


  • Resolved the current speed not using the correct metric on the "current drive" overlay.
  • Resolved an issue that made determining whether or not a charging session occured at a Supercharger not work as intended. To provide some background to this:
    • When charging, the "charge state" of a vehicle's API response includes variables that help with determining the connection cable type, the brand, type, and so on. In most cases, the value of the brand while Supercharging was always Tesla. Today, we found that this value infrequently will return as null, while the value for the type will still be Tesla.


  • Added the ability to disconnect your Tesla.com account and its associated tokens from the platform via the Tesla Account page. Once disconnected, all vehicles under the Teslascope account will be temporarily set to Quiet Mode, as any interactions and polling of vehicles is not possible.


Using Teslascope on mobile has been given a massive rework and redesign focused on usability and making it even easier to navigate to core areas. The "Vehicle Overview" box at the top of the service now remains attached to the top allowing you to always have a glance of your vehicle's status. These changes should drastically improve the overall experience for everyone who uses Teslascope on the go.

On mobile devices, the navigation bar has been moved to the bottom and now includes icons for each of the original navigation sections, removing the need to expand the menu (hamburger menus suck!).

  • A new "Controls" menu has been added which now allows you to access numerous vehicle and climate controls from anywhere on the service. When toggling this menu, you can continue to view your vehicle's battery and climate status. In addition, the following controls have been added:
    • Closing or venting your vehicle's windows.
    • Opening or closing your vehicle's charging port door.
    • Opening Trunk.
    • Opening Frunk. (make sure to look for puppies when you do so!)
    • Turning on your vehicle's defrost mode.
  • On the Calendar, the current day is now highlighted in green to more easily determine today's date.


  • New pages for Shared Driving Sessions and Shared Charging Sessions have been added to the navigation bar under the respective dropdowns to provide an easier way of navigating directly to these sessions. This was a community-requested feature.
  • Driving Session boxes have been improved, now including the battery level and range from start to finish, and a map preview of both locations.
  • Charging Session boxes now include a map preview of the location the charge occured.
  • Subtle design changes to the vehicle overview page.


  • Added Data Export feature.
    • Export your driving sessions and associated progress.
    • Export your charging sessions and associated progress.
    • Export your vehicle's general information and internal configuration.


  • Added this changelog. Changelog-ception?
  • Added the ability to update the payment method (card) used for premium subscriptions.
  • Resolved a longstanding Calendar issue where an incorrect amount of days was displayed.
  • Resolved "kWh" incorrectly being listed as "kW" on the Day View of calendar pages within charging session boxes.
  • Resolved charging session boxes in the Day View incorrectly displaying "0.00" when a cost hadn't been generated yet.


  • Reduce the allowed timeout window when making requests to Tesla's APIs from 30 seconds to 15 seconds to reduce processing time.


  • Major Locations rework adds map previews, granular searching for specific locations by any metric (postal code, city, address, etc) and much more:
    • Filtering by country.
    • Filtering by state (in the United States).
    • Filtering by whether a location / Supercharger is open or opening soon.
  • Superchargers now display what the max KW and how many stalls are available at each location where possible.
  • Allow charging session cost to be optional when editing a charging session.
  • Fix "View All" option for locations not working and resulting in an error.
  • Translated the word "Explore" in the footer.



  • Very excited to have added Translations support before January ended. This change added initial support for Dutch, Norwegian, and Chinese languages thanks to some wonderful volunteers.
  • Added more translation strings for translators.
  • Added new Driving Statistics page, which shows historical data about driving habits in the last seven days.
  • Updated our Tesla API library.


  • Added new "Short Code" route (ie: https://teslascope.com/vehicle/corsair) will now redirect to the full vehicle URL.
  • Resolved issues with the Discord bot.
  • Added support for showing if newer Model S/X vehicles are the Performance trim.
  • Improved backend tool for importing and automating the updating of all Supercharger / other locations on the Teslapedia.


  • Added new Update History feature, which allows for granually viewing the software update history of all vehicles on Teslascope all the way back to our launch.
  • Added toggle for selecting specific models on Update History.
  • Added toggle for selecting specific software updates on Update History.
  • Redesigned the Help Center to reorganize and resolve clutter issues. There is now section seperation and direct links to specific sections.
  • Added Thank You page.
  • Resolved longstanding bug of pagination stretching mobile layouts.


  • Resolve the kWh displayed on charging session charts being incorrect when using the Metric system.
  • Begin logging the latitude/longitude of vehicles when updating to be able to provide anonymized regional data at a later point.
  • Added feature for clearing the cache of specific software versions to administative tools.
  • Optimize vehicle updating backend processes by only including vehicles that aren't on time out.


  • Added Recent Polling Override option to Vehicle settings to resolve longstanding issues of driving sessions missing the first ~10 minutes of data.
  • Added ability to modify a vehicle's Public ID for the first time. This feature is only available to Premium members to prevent abuse. Any alphanumaric characters, dashes, and underscores are allowed.


  • Resolved cost showing as 0.00 when not calculated yet on charging session pages.
  • Improved the charge cost display on charging session boxes.
  • Added 'Stiletto20' and 'Gemini19Square' wheel support.


  • Location pages (Superchargers, etc) on the Teslapedia was redesigned to include a much larger map (provided by Mapbox), new metrics displayed, and layout improvements for tablet and mobile devices.
  • Added a contact link on location pages for crowdsourcing the charging rates of each location.
  • Removed the premium requirement for API access in Vehicle settings.
  • Fixed Vehicle settings page being broken for non-premium members.


  • Major redesign of the Charging Session pages, adding new features such as sharing charging sessions publicly, manually overriding charging costs, and deleting sessions.
  • Major redesign of Vehicle Settings page.
  • Added new toggle for setting/overriding the Idle Polling rate for each vehicle.
  • Added new toggle for setting whether a vehicle has Free Supercharging provided by Tesla.
  • Major redesign of the Vehicle Debug page.
  • Added option for overriding the Autopilot HW of a vehicle.
  • Added option for setting whether or not a vehicle has a spoiler installed.
  • Added ability to manually update and refresh the vehicle configuration via Tesla's API (useful for new wheels / other changes made by Tesla employees)


  • Added initial support for Charging Sessions to be shareable and beta testing began.


  • Vehicles that encounter a timeout when polling for new data will no longer be put on time out.


  • Improved vocabulary used on some timeout logging to allow for more easily determining issues.


  • Added Total Cost to the Calendar for both Supercharging sessions and regular charging sessions.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented "Drive State" data being saved if the 'power' attribute provided by Tesla's API was null.
  • Resolved an issue where some vehicles in non-US countries couldn't ever initialize if a Tesla API timeout occured on initial account setup.
  • Resolved issue where the 'speed limit mode' attribute provided by Tesla's API was null.
  • Further improvement of logging for Tesla API timeouts.


  • Added logging of Statistics page data caching to determine future performance impacts as the service grows.
  • Resolved an issue where a vehicle not having any charging plans set up would result in a 500 error upon clicking "Generate Cost" on a charging session box.


  • Implemented a new "vehicle time out" feature for pausing polling requests temporarily upon specific conditions such as a vehicle being serviced by Tesla.
  • Improved error handling for Tesla API downtime / timeouts.
  • Added new error notices on vehicle list if API issues are resulting in the inability to update vehicle data.
  • Reduced amount of logging upon API errors to reduce disk usage on our server.