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As a service that interacts with Tesla vehicles, we believe transparency and information is paramount to ensuring a great experience for both vehicle owners and for those who work on them. You can find a collection of questions that may assist with resolving issues below.

Brief Explanation

Ensure that the vehicle owner is using our Sleep Modes correctly. Teslascope provides two different sleep modes, one that is available to all members, and another for just premium members.


Scheduled Sleep Mode, available to all members, allows for setting a specific period of each day where polling will only occur once per hour. This checks the state of the vehicle once per hour and then allows it to resume sleeping for another 40-45 minutes. With just this mode enabled, there is expected for some degree of phantom/vampire drain to occur.

Restful Sleep Mode, available to premium members, allows for the vehicle to fall asleep naturally and then once asleep, Teslascope will no longer poll nor interact with the vehicle until/unless it has been woken up manually by the owner, either via the Tesla mobile app, or by physical interactions. This is the only mode that ensures no phantom/vampire drain will occur.


As noted by Tesla employees we've spoken to, under normal circumstances, most vehicles will fall asleep within 15 minutes of the last interaction and we've seen this to be true for about 97.3% of vehicles on our service. If a vehicle isn't falling asleep within this period, we suggest changing the "Idle Polling Frequency" located under vehicle settings from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Restful Sleep Mode is one of the few benefits we offer as a premium feature as an incentive to help support the service's development and stability. In the future, this feature will be available to all members, whether premium or not.