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You can reach our team via email at [email protected]

Teslascope is a worldwide platform for Tesla owners, fans, and statistics lovers. It provides detailed analytics about various aspects of Tesla vehicles (on our network), in addition to providing Tesla owners with elegant tools for automatically tracking their trips and charging sessions.

Features such as software update release notes, effortlessly sharing trips with friends and family, and accurate cost calculations for charging sessions expand upon the meaning of owning a Tesla vehicle.

Teslascope was founded by Tyler Corsair, a Tesla owner and avid fan of Tesla (& Elon Musk).

No, it is not. We are not officially sponsored nor affiliated with Tesla.

Absolutely! We recommend starting a conversation with us on Twitter, or sending us an email to [email protected]. You can also leave a message and join the discussion on the #apps-teslascope channel on the Tesla Discord server.

Please let us our team know by emailing [email protected] with the language and associated term/phrase. If possible, we always appreciate if you could provide us with the correction but otherwise we will make our translators aware!