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You can reach our team via email at [email protected]

Yes you can! While all driving sessions default to Private, you can toggle it to Public by clicking the edit icon on a specific driving session's page.

If your vehicle is set to public, the driving session will appear under "Shared Drives" for other vehicle owners or visitors who view your page.

If your vehicle is set to private, you can share the URL of the driving session but it will not be listed anywhere.

Many factors such as frequent acceleration, utilizing climate controls such as air conditioning or seat heaters, as well as outside temperature can impact a drive's total efficiency.

To calculate each drive's efficiency, we consider two values; the true distance traveled (based on your odometer) and the total range usage reported by your battery. We than use the formula (distance / range used) * 100 to calculate the efficiency percentile.


If you traveled a total distance of 10 miles and used 12 miles of range, than you drove 83.3% efficiently.

We recommend setting up locations that you visit frequently in your vehicle. This will change your future drives from "Unnamed Drive" to "Driving from Home".

We recommend adjusting the "Recent Polling Frequency" from 10 minutes (default) to a higher duration to ensure all activity is recorded.

This can often occur if you utilize certain vehicle features such as Scheduled Climate Controls, Departure, or if you often idle in your vehicle prior to beginning your drive.