Help Center / Membership

A collection of Frequently Asked Questions and more. We're here to help.

We believe that Teslascope offers a suite of tools and analytics that can benefit each and every Tesla vehicle owner. We plan to add new features and improvements monthly, in addition to resolving bugs reported by our community.

Our two week trial begins when an individual connects their account. Many "premium-only" aspects of the service will be disabled including Trip Tracking, Sleep Mode, and more if billing information has not been provided by the end of this period.

We like to keep it simple and clean: $3/month. We also offer discounts to veterans and specific members of the press, influencers, or content creators. Inquire at [email protected].

We greatly appreciate every single individual who has shared or recommended our service to others. As such, we have a very generous referral program.

We plan to host monthly contests for three-month membership codes on our Twitter. You will need to be actively following the account. (other terms may apply)

We are more than happy to fully refund any subscriptions if requested within two weeks of the last renewal date. Simply inquire by email at [email protected].