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You can reach our team via email at [email protected]

Yes, you can manage all of your vehicles under one Teslascope account as long as they are under the same Tesla account.

We provide a way to easily access and control all of your vehicles with ease. If you've recently purchased a new vehicle, you can refresh your vehicle list via the Tesla Account page.

If your vehicle is asleep when you first sign up and connect your Tesla account, we will wait until it has been woken up by you to finalize the vehicle setup process.

We are additionally unable to request data from your vehicle if its status returns as "offline". This typically occurs if your vehicle is somewhere with a weak signal such as a parking garage or underground parking.

Rest assured, we will continue attempting the setup process every minute until successful.

Phantom drain is a term that refers to anything (whether physically or via outside sources) that may cause your vehicle to experience a gradually drain of its range over time. While using Restful Sleep Mode with your vehicle, Teslascope will not cause any phantom drain. This is available to all members and enabled by default.

In normal circumstances, most Tesla vehicles (approx. ~98%) will fall asleep if not interacted with during the 15 minute polling period. However, depending on certain scenarios, the vehicle may fail to fall asleep as intended. A few of these can be found below.

  • Cabin Overheat Protection: While enabled, Cabin Overheat Protection can cause the vehicle to monitor its cabin temperature more often, preventing natural sleep for up to ten hours after parked. We recommend disabling this if safe to do so depending on your geographical location. This is the most frequent cause of delayed vehicle sleep.
  • Poor Wifi Connection: If the vehicle's connection to a Wifi network is poor and causes the vehicle to reconnect frequently, it can prevent the vehicle from sleeping. Unless you are expecting a software update or downloading one, we recommend disconnecting your vehicle from Wifi when possible.
  • Within Bluetooth Range of Vehicle: On rare occasion, if your mobile phone is within bluetooth range of your vehicle, it will keep the vehicle awake.
  • Using other 3rd party services in addition to Teslascope: Using other 3rd party services or applications that request information from your vehicle can cause overlapping times for polling and frequently prevent a vehicle from sleeping.
  • Using the iPhone Tesla widget: Using the Tesla widget on your Home Screen (whether on iPhone or iPad) can cause your phone to wake up your vehicle frequently. We always recommend not using this, despite how incredibly convenient it is.

When you add a new vehicle, we may default to HW2.5 if we are unable to automatically determine what HW version is installed in your vehicle based on limited information provided by Tesla.

You can manually adjust this by navigating to your vehicle's settings page which can be found under the "Vehicle" dropdown, or on your vehicle's page.

To reduce the potential of permanently lost data, a vehicle can only be removed manually by our team upon request. Please provide the VIN of the vehicle you wish to be removed. Please note, once removed, all associated data cannot be restored.

Alternatively, you can disconnect your Tesla Account from Teslascope at any time which will leave the vehicle's data in a frozen state and disable all interactions and polling.