Introducing: V4

The largest update we've ever released: A trove of new features, hundreds of quality-of-life changes, substantial performance improvements, and a major design overhaul.

It is paramount to our vision that we undeniably build the best vehicle companion for all Tesla vehicles. Period. To accomplish this, we revisited every feature of the web service and reworked it from the ground up. Grab a coffee, as this will take a minute.. or ten.

New Features

Brand new additions to our platform for all members.

Perfect Vehicle Sleep

A good companion is dependable. You mustn't need to ask it questions, or turn too many dials.

Tesla vehicles include an onboard computer which can remain active and slowly drain your battery if not left alone. To ensure a vehicle can fall asleep, third-party services must intelligently know when to be "hands off".

Prior to launching three years ago, we received continuous feedback and suggestions from Tesla employees to ensure we understood every aspect of vehicle sleep to ensure we could tackle this problem plaguing other services. To this effect, we launched with two options for managing vehicle sleep:

  • Normal Sleep Mode, which allowed for choosing a period of the day in which our service would be hands off.
  • Restful Sleep Mode, which would never wake your vehicle up and only polled for data when you woke it up.

With these options and Restful Sleep enabled by default, we had built a framework that prevented all battery drain typically caused by third-party services and left this untouched until now.

Today, we've eliminated the need for toggleable sleep modes entirely by permanently enabling Restful Sleep Mode and removed the need for Normal Sleep Mode, only utilized by 1.2% of vehicles on our platform.

You can rest assured that your vehicle(s) will always get the rest they deserve.

Vehicle Reminders

Reminders are a new feature that allow you to effortlessly create your own personalized maintenance or service reminders. Upcoming reminders appear on your vehicle dashboard, and if you're a subscriber, you'll even receive an email when you're within 50 miles of its deadline.

Reminders also help keep track of vehicle maintenance history at a glance.


A lot of our members use Teslascope solely for tax or business purposes and if that's you, we appreciate you. For everyone else, we're excited to share that we've launched Profiles, a new (and entirely optional) way of showcasing your vehicle ownership experience with your friends, family, co-workers, or even other Teslascope members.

Your profile allows you to provide a name (or nickname), brief description, link your website, social media links, as well as show or hide your profile entirely, or specific sections.

Profiles are designed with your privacy in mind, so only vehicles you have manually set as public (opt-in via Vehicle Settings) will appear to others. Groups work similarly; the group must be public for it to appear to others.

New Siri Shortcuts

Based on community feedback, the setup process has been rewritten to be clearer and new shortcuts are now available. The API key is now blurred by default for security; simply tap or hover over it to show it.

New (and Improved) Referral Program

We've upgraded our Referral Program by introducing new incentives, and new ways to benefit from sharing our service with others. If you refer at least a dozen members (who sign up for a premium subscription), you will now receive a lifetime premium membership upon request.

We've also added more information about our referral program for Content Creators, Brands, and Communities, where once approved, you'll instantly receive a lifetime premium membership, and the option to translate any new referrals into a direct payout.

Vehicle Removal Requests

A much requested feature by our community; you can now remove a vehicle from Teslascope without having to make a service request. A new "Vehicle Removal" option has been added to the Advanced section of Vehicle Settings (at the very bottom), which will bring you to the new removal page.

After reading and acknowledging the disclaimer (ie, that data loss will occur), you'll receive an email with a link that expires within thirty minutes. Click that link and with one final confirmation, your vehicle and its associated data will be immediately removed.

Autopilot Leaderboard

A new leaderboard has also been added relating to autopilot miles has been added. This utilizes data from the Safety Score system, so only vehicles either in the Full-Self Driving (Beta) queue or with Tesla Insurance can currently participate.

We encourage vehicle owners to request their local service centers, and/or Elon on Twitter, for this data (and the tab within the mobile app) to be added for all vehicles, or expanded to other regions.

Upcoming Features

When we started on V4 last year, we realized that some new features we had begun working on wouldn't be viable while we remained on AWS without doubling our costs (and thus immediately needing to increase subscription costs).

For this reason and others, we decided to begin the transition to our own server hardware/infrastructure. For a fraction of our monthly costs, we've gained almost 10x as much resources (memory, storage, and CPU cores), which will allow us to finalize the following features for inclusion in an upcoming update in April (V4.1).

Scheduling and Automations

"It just works." Advanced automation capabilities and scheduling of tasks allow you to build upon your ownership experience. With our take on this feature, we intend to provide several orders of magnitude more customization than other services, by allowing you to chain several actions together in workflows, implement easy-to-understand conditionals, and email + web notifications as desired.

  • A majority of all vehicle commands.
  • Control various aspects of the service.
  • Location-based automations.
  • Time, Date, and Repeating schedules.

Supercharging Costs

Manually providing the cost of your Supercharging session will soon be a thing of the past. Toggled on by default, this feature will populate your current and past supercharging session costs on Teslascope, to ensure they are accurate.

In preparation of this, we've disabled our own price estimation functionality for Supercharging sessions.

Visited Superchargers

View the superchargers you've visited at a glance, average statistics (such as costs, charging time, and kWh gained), as well as see where you place among peers for the most unique superchargers visited.

Track Driving

For many, driving their vehicle on a legal driving track makes for a day of excitement. With this feature, Teslascope will automatically label driving sessions that occurred on known driving tracks around the globe, and allow you to more easily view and share them with others.

Each supported driving track will also have a unique page that will showcase information about the track, as well as shared driving sessions, and the top speed accomplished at that location.

Vehicle-Related Improvements

We redesigned almost every vehicle-related page from the ground up, to include community-requested improvements, and quality-of-life changes.

Vehicle Settings Improvements

We heard your feedback loud and clear! Alongside the aforementioned sleep improvements, we've entirely overhauled the vehicle settings area on Teslascope. Several settings that were not commonly switched from the default state (changed on less than ~0.5% of vehicles) have been removed. This includes:

  • Vehicle Controls (default was enabled)
  • Restful Sleep Mode (default was enabled)
  • Scheduled Sleep Mode (not needed when Restful Sleep is enabled)
  • Safety Score Logging (now always enabled if available)

We've also removed the ability to select 1, 5, or 10 minutes from Idle Polling Duration as they were used by less than 0.1% of all vehicles. We originally added these years ago, prior to our improved sleep process and the removal of these choices will allow us to simplify this setting.

The option to adjust the vehicle's Autopilot computer (ie: HW3) and Spoiler have also been removed. Earlier this year, Tesla added a way to view the installed autopilot computer, so we no longer need to ask for this/allow for its modification.

As for the Spoiler.. well.. this wasn't really used anywhere besides the vehicle render, and would constantly result in rendering errors in combination with certain tires, so we decided to remove this for simplicity's sake.

Vehicle Status Improvements

We have simplified and reorganized the vehicle status area on both the dashboard and vehicle pages to display information more clearly, and hide other information that wasn't as important.

For those with multiple vehicles, you can now easily switch which vehicle is set as primary using the helpful dropdown menu, displayed besides the vehicle name.

  • As we shifted to a better system for vehicle polling earlier this year, displaying the last time a vehicle update is not as vital. This can now be accessed by hovering over or tapping the Online/Asleep status.
  • Removing the displayed vehicle software update; this is now visible just on the vehicle page.
  • The vehicle battery and mile range is now always displayed.
  • A new status message will appear if the vehicle was recently driving.

Vehicle Render Improvements

We've resolved various inconsistencies with our own vehicle image rendering (including missing wheels, incorrect trims, etc).

This was accomplished by utilizing a new API to request for a vehicle's exact configuration and vehicle image, and displaying this instead of our own generated renders.

Vehicle Commands Improvements

We've added the ability to enable Dog and Camp Mode directly within Teslascope. This can be accessed by clicking on the Vehicle Commands icon, and then clicking on the Climate tab.

Software Updates Improvements

We've redesigned the software update pages and added a new Pending Versions section, which will display the software updates that are currently receiving an update. This is very useful prior to installs finalizing to determine who is receiving an update.

The Update History section has also been improved to properly order update records by the date/time in which they occurred. The value of "Prior Version" is now hidden on individual software pages.

Vehicle Map/Navigation Updates

We've redesigned the personal Update History page and now include map/navigation updates.

Additionally, a label for Full Self-Driving (Beta) builds has now been added.

Safety Score Improvements

We've updated the Safety Score page to include new metrics such as Total Autopilot Miles (driven) as well as Autopilot percentage. Support for vehicles with Tesla Insurance has also been added.

In addition, we've updated the "Remaining Miles" section to include the following changes:

  • Removed mentions to Full Self-Driving (Beta), as scores are no longer required for eligibility.
  • Expanded the display to include 90-100 (previously 97 and above).
  • Added Night Driving Percentage.

Trips Improvements

A dedicated page for shared Trips is now available on public vehicle pages when viewing it as a guest. With this in mind, further improvements have been made to Trips to hide additional details about driving and charging sessions within a trip that are set to private (not shared) to protect vehicle privacy.

Driving Improvements

You can now provide notes for individual driving sessions, which will be included in exports. We've also redesigned these pages to include a full-width expandable map for easy viewing.

Calendar Improvements

The calendar has been updated to utilize the full width of the page, as well as redesigned to make it easier to navigate between months. The day view has also received various bug fixes including ensuring that supercharging sessions don't appear under regular charging sessions.

Lifetime Driving and Charging Page Improvements

A long-standing issue that resulted in these pages being inaccessible for some vehicles has finally been resolved. Each page was also given a general redesign and other small improvements.

Driving: This issue stemmed from inefficient handling of coordinates when a vehicle had thousands of driving sessions recorded. This was corrected by loading the page immediately, and then requesting for the data separately alongside query changes.

Charging: This issue stemmed from inefficiently written queries resulting in server timeouts. Minor changes were made to make it easier to switch between Charging and Supercharging sessions on mobile devices.

Vehicle Setup (Onboarding) Improvements

Our sign up process has been rewritten from the ground up applying first principles to provide a much better experience for new members. We've eliminated the need to specify which autopilot hardware you have installed utilizing new automatic detections.

Teslascope can now intelligently determine the selected trim for ~93% of all vehicles and dozens of improvements have been applied to the initial polling process to resolve long-standing issues preventing or delaying some vehicles from initializing properly.

During our initial testing with one hundred vehicle owners, we found that this resulted in a ~60% reduction in the time it took to go from account registration to the vehicle dashboard.

Data Export Improvements

Since our launch, performance issues have plagued our data exporting feature and would result in failed or corrupted exports. We've finally resolved this by completely rewriting the backend functionality from the ground up.

Driving and charging progress exports will now complete in under ten seconds, and all other exports should now be available to download within seconds. This major rewrite also allowed for us to add new export options: Locations and Reminders.

We're also pleased to share that access to detailed (progress) exports no longer require a premium membership, thanks to our upgraded hardware.

Service Improvements

General changes and improvements to improve experiences, and make the service that much easier to use on all devices.

Teslapedia Changes

Any pages relating to our Teslapedia (our knowledge base portion of the service) will no longer have /teslapedia/ appended in the URL. For example, you can now visit a software page by going to instead of

Leaderboard Changes

When set to public, the leaderboard placements for a vehicle will now appear underneath Statistics on the vehicle's page.

To better reflect the interests of our community, we've decided to remove two categories from our Leaderboards that were not commonly utilized. Based on community feedback, "Warmest Vehicles" did not provide much value nor "competitiveness", while "Most Trips" was often viewed as unfair, as long-time members of Teslascope would always have an advantage over new members.

In their absence, we've added a new category, "Autopilot Miles" which is powered by new metrics introduced within the Safety Score APIs.

We've reorganized and given the navigation bar a major redesign, which hasn't been updated substantially since we launched three years ago. Each section's dropdown menu will now appear by hovering over it (in addition to clicking) and displays additional context about each page/feature.

Navigation dropdowns will also now utilize a two-column layout on non-mobile devices, for easier readability.

Subscription Changes and Improvements

We've completely overhauled and revisited our entire premium subscription system to allow for a trove of improvements including a redesigned sign up page, new premium features, and more payment methods are now supported.

The new subscription page has been rewritten to be easier to understand. Payments are now handled entirely on Stripe and supports Apple Pay or Google Pay (if you're on a compatible device/browser).

Our subscription discounts are now front and center, with a new discount for past and present Tesla Employees. In addition, we now provide generous discounts on bulk subscriptions, great for giveaways at meetings, events, or to surprise your team.

Developer Documentation

Hello world. We've relaunched our developer documentation with a brand new layout design, dedicated pages for each focus, and ten new API endpoints.

Vehicle Endpoints

  • Vehicle Information (Basic)
  • Vehicle Information (Detailed)
  • Vehicle Reminders
  • Driving Sessions
  • Driving Session (Individual)
  • Charging Sessions
  • Charging Session (Individual)
  • Vehicle Commands
  • Vehicle State (Status)

Teslapedia Endpoints

  • Software Updates (List)
  • Software Update (Latest)

Our Software Update endpoint now includes the installed vehicle count per country.

We're also almost done with a proper OAuth framework with support for registering third-party apps and Personal Access Tokens. We hope to have more information to share about this early next year.

Two-Factor Authentication Improvements

You're paragliding and oops; your phone falls out of your pocket into the ocean. Your phone, along with your Authenticator app are now inaccessible, which means you can no longer access Teslascope. Previously, this required contacting our team to manually request for 2FA to be reset.

Assuming you know your password, you can now verify your identity using vehicle information within your Tesla mobile app and get back into your account right away. Don't worry, you can still contact us instead.

Login, Sign Up, and Related Improvements

We've redesigned both the login and sign up pages with a focus on ease-of-use; such as removing the need to type in a password twice and instead implemented a "view typed password" toggle.

Minor changes have been made to the Forgot Password and Reset Password pages.


Bugs, so many bugs fixed! Other changes can also be found here.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where two vehicles could be marked as primary.
  • Resolved an issue where a momentary server error would occur if a vehicle's cache was invalidated by the polling infrastructure prior to a user refreshing the page.
  • Resolved an issue where support requests would result in a server error if the vehicle had no name.
  • Resolved a server error if attempting to view the membership page while not logged in.
  • Safeguards have been applied to data exports to prevent failed or invalid downloads.
  • Resolved tooltips not working after updating Bootstrap.
  • Error pages will no longer have illegible text if Dark Mode is enabled.
  • Resolved incorrect page titles on several help pages.
  • Resolved the vehicle controls dialog window not opening on some devices.
  • Resolved an issue with some mobile devices causing unexpected results while typing out a support request.
  • Resolved an issue causing the Update History on individual software pages from displaying in the correct order.
  • The calendar now supports 2023 as a valid year.
  • VIN-related functions to have been updated to correct for "20XX" displaying instead of "2023".
  • Resolved some N+1 queries relating to groups.
  • Resolved location buttons being invisible on the knowledge base when on Dark Mode.
  • Fixed Tesla Authentication when reconnecting an account.
  • Fixed a confusing sentence on the Siri Shortcuts page.
  • Resolved incorrectly formatted routing files to allow for some backend optimizations (~3% page load improvement).

Unorganized Changes and Improvements

  • You can now import up to twelve months of data from other services (previously three) without a premium membership.
  • In some instances, displayed durations that surpassed 24 hours will now display "days and hours" instead of "hours and minutes".
  • The Modern vehicle dashboard now includes several buttons to access commonly viewed vehicle pages.
  • Applied a new design to scrollbars across the service.
  • The front page was redesigned to provide new information.
  • The footer has been re-organized and includes a randomly selected phrase.
  • The vehicle name within the vehicle glimpse area no longer has quotation marks around it.
  • Adjusted the drop shadow on Group boxes.
  • Added an automated command for resolving incomplete versions.
  • Improved the Support area to improve the ease of handling requests with additional tools, including forced subscription checking, improved vehicle diagnosing, and more.
  • Usernames are now automatically generated upon creating an account. This can be changed at any time when editing a profile.
  • Removed deprecated internal commands.
  • Removed several instances of redundant code to improve performance and eliminate technical debt.
  • Optimized some backend code relating to software countries.
  • A copy of the vehicle odometer value is now stored in the vehicle model to reduce several database queries.
  • Utilizing new "has driven recently" and "has charged recently" functions in various locations across the site to reduce database queries.
  • Utilizing Laravel Octane for a massive performance improvement.
  • The Driving and Charging public statistics pages were removed due to low usage/views.
  • Error logging relating to safety score requests has been removed.
  • All functions relating to image assets have been heavily refactored and now utilizing R2 (Cloudflare).
  • Improve CURL functions when interacting with Mapbox API calls.
  • Removed decimals from the front page (since... numbers are now very big.)
  • Updated to Laravel 10.