Does my vehicle have HW4?

A ridiculously simple, effortless way of checking which Autopilot computer your vehicle has.

Connect Your Tesla Account

This will open a new tab on Continue until you reach a page that says "Page Not Found".

Copy the URL / link from the new tab. It should begin with ""

Paste the link below.

How does this work?

We make a one-time request to retrieve basic vehicle information, while not retaining anything about your Tesla Account. This allows us to read each vehicle's configuration and display it for you.

Are there any limitations?

Vehicles must be present on your Tesla Account and accessible normally via the mobile app. This means reservations and orders will not populate here. Vehicles are often added to a Tesla Account on your delivery date.

Is this safe?

This is powered by the same authentication system trusted by 20,000+ vehicles every single day. However as this is a one-time exchange, no encrypted tokens are stored even temporarily.