Release Notes

FSD Beta v10.5 Release Notes

  • Improved VRU (pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles) crossing velocity error by 20% from improved quality in our auto-labeling.
  • Improved static world predictions (road lines, edges, and lane connectivity) by up to 13% using a new static world auto-labeler and adding 165K auto-labeled videos.
  • Improved cone and sign detections by upreving the generalized static object network with 15K more video clips and adjusting oversampling and overweighting strategies (+4.5% precision, +10.4% recall).
  • Improved cut-in detection network by 5.5% to help reduce false slowdowns.
  • Enabled "emergency collision avoidance maneuvering" in shadow mode.
  • Enabled behavior to lane change away from merges when safe to do so.
  • Improved merge object detection recall by using multi-modal object prediction at intersections.
  • Improved control for merges by increasing smoothness of arrival time constraints and considering possible merging objects beyond visibility.
  • Improved lane changes by allowing larger deceleration limit in short-deadline situations.
  • Improved lateral control for creeping forward to get more visibility.
  • Improved modeling of road boundaries on high curvature roads for finer maneuvers.
  • Improved logic to stay on-route and avoid unnecessary detours/rerouting.


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