Release Notes


Release Notes Improvements

Release notes now include improved browsing and access. To view current and previous release notes, tap Controls > Software > Release Notes.


The Battle of Polytopia

The award winning turn based strategy game with low poly graphics. Lead your civilization to victory by expanding your empire and researching new technologies. To see how you compare with other Tesla owners, create a Tesla Arcade gamer name that will appear on the Battle of Polytopia Leaderboards.

Cat Quest

Leap into a grand adventure of dragons, magic and cats in purr-suit of the evil Drakoth and your catnapped sister. Explore Felingard's huge overworld map, risk life and limb delving into dungeons for epic loot, and lend a paw to a furry cast of characters in a flurry of side quests. Game controller required.



A classic game of Solitaire, also known as Klondike. Move cards by dragging them to their destination. You can play an easier Draw 1 game, or try your luck with Draw 3 and Vegas play modes. Personalize your game by customizing the backdrop and card backs.



Note: This requires the Pedestrian Warning Speaker.

Turn your car into a boombox an entertain a crowd with your media player when parked. You can also customize the sound your car makes when your press the horn, drive the car or when your car is moving with Summon. Select an option from the dropown menu or insert your own USB drvice and save up to five custom sounsds.


Driving Visualization Improvements

The driving visualization has been refreshed and now offers a larger visualization to allow drivers to view more details of the road surroundings. The next turn will now appear above the visualization if the navigation turn list is covered by another app.

Additionally, select items have slightly moved but will continue to look an behave the same. Some notable differences include the following:

  • Quick access to the backup camera and wipers has move to the bottom bar.
  • Indicator lights have been moved to the side of the touchscreen.
  • Autopilot set speed, Autopilot availability, and detected speed limit are now displayed next to the driving speed.


Scheduled Departure Improvements

Scheduled Departure can now precondition your battery and cabin even when your car is unplugged. To account for different utility rate plans, you can now set the time when your off-peak rates end to save on charging costs. To access, tap SCHEDULE from the climate control or charging panel when parked.


Emissions Testing Mode Improvements

Note: This likely requires the Pedestrian Warning Speaker.

Emissions Testing Mode can now be used outside the car. To setup, select your desired sound and place the cushion on the external speaker. When ready, play selected sound by pressing the left scroll wheel button or using the turn signal. To access, tap the Application Launcher > Toybox > Emissions Testing Mode.


Supercharger Display Improvements

Supercharger pins on your touchscreen will now display the number of available stalls at charging sites. Quickly search for nearby amenities by tapping an amenity icon on the Supercharger popup display.


Vehicle Information Improvements

The Tesla "T" has been removed from the top status bar. Tap Controls > Software for the same information.



The total count of vehicles in each country that received this update.

United States 2238
United Kingdom 231
Canada 223
Netherlands 140
Unknown 134
Germany 89
Norway 88
Australia 87
Denmark 86
Switzerland 69
Belgium 44
France 41
Sweden 32
Italy 26
Austria 22
Spain 21
Finland 19
Portugal 19
Ukraine 16
Czechia 15
New Zealand 13
Ireland 9
China 9
Poland 8
Luxembourg 7
Hungary 6
United Arab Emirates 5
South Korea 5
Taiwan 5
Puerto Rico 4
Latvia 3
Moldova 3
Liechtenstein 2
Macao SAR China 2
Slovakia 2
Dominican Republic 2
Hong Kong SAR China 1
Isle of Man 1
Slovenia 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Greece 1
Singapore 1
Lithuania 1
Thailand 1
Estonia 1
Croatia 1
Romania 1
Iceland 1

Per Day

The count of vehicles that received this update per day.

January 16, 2021 2
January 15, 2021 2
January 14, 2021 3
January 12, 2021 3
January 11, 2021 3
January 10, 2021 5
January 9, 2021 6
January 8, 2021 4
January 7, 2021 7
January 6, 2021 14
January 5, 2021 6
January 4, 2021 14
January 3, 2021 23
January 2, 2021 18
January 1, 2021 29
December 31, 2020 50
December 30, 2020 91
December 29, 2020 272
December 28, 2020 672
December 27, 2020 977
December 26, 2020 1298
December 25, 2020 238

Per Model

The count of vehicles that received this update per model.

Model S 371
Model 3 2538
Model X 333
Model Y 495