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July 17, 2020 1
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July 15, 2020 2
July 14, 2020 1
July 13, 2020 8
July 12, 2020 50
July 11, 2020 2
July 10, 2020 59

Release Notes

Suspension Improvements

Ride comfort in HIGH and VERY HIGH is improved through adaptive suspension damping improvements and reductions in maximum allowed speeds and ground clearances. Please refer to the Owner's Manual to find more details.

[Author's Note: This is for older non-raven Model S / X vehicles.]

New Language Support

You can now select Polish as your language. To update your language setting, tap Controls > Display and select the desired option from the Language drop down menu.

Note: Your vehicle must be in PARK to change languages.

This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes.