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  • 9 vehicles are currently on this version.
    6 in the United States and 3 elsewhere.

Vehicle Updates Per Day

Day Count
September 15, 2019 1
September 11, 2019 3
September 10, 2019 7
September 9, 2019 5
September 8, 2019 4
September 7, 2019 9
September 6, 2019 15
September 5, 2019 16
September 4, 2019 20
September 3, 2019 7

Release Notes

This software update contains the same release notes as 2019.32 and may only contain undocumented bug fixes or improvements.

View Release Notes for 2019.32

Software Update

The status bar will now indicate when there is a software update available to be downloaded. Tapping the icon will take you directly to Controls > Software for additional details regarding the update.

Driving Dynamics

We have improved the driving dynamics of your vehicle under heavy acceleration. This only applies to specific vehicle models (Raven S/X).

Key Fob Security Update

An update is now available for Model S Key Fob (v2). To update key fobs, follow the instructions displayed when tapping Controls > Service > Key Fob Update. This update fixes bugs and improves security.

New Language Support

You can now select Norwegian as your language. To update your language setting, tap Controls > Display and select the desired option from the Language drop down menu.

This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes.