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  • 17 vehicles are currently on this version.
    17 in the United States and 0 elsewhere.

Vehicle Updates Per Day

Day Count
September 4, 2019 1
August 30, 2019 6
August 29, 2019 36
August 28, 2019 45
August 27, 2019 4

Related Software Updates

Release Notes

Software Update

The status bar will now indicate when there is a software update available to be downloaded. Tapping the icon will take you directly to Controls > Software for additional details regarding the update.

Driving Dynamics

We have improved the driving dynamics of your vehicle under heavy acceleration. This only applies to specific vehicle models (Raven S/X).

Key Fob Security Update

An update is now available for Model S Key Fob (v2). To update key fobs, follow the instructions displayed when tapping Controls > Service > Key Fob Update. This update fixes bugs and improves security.

New Language Support

You can now select Norwegian as your language. To update your language setting, tap Controls > Display and select the desired option from the Language drop down menu.

This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes.