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Release Notes

Adaptive Suspension Damping Improvements

Ride comfort is improved for high speed driving. Both Standard and Sport modes now have updated suspension damping algorithms to adapt better at speeds above 160 km/h (100mph). To adjust Adaptive Suspension Damping tap Controls > Suspension. As always, please drive responsibly. This update only applies to new Model S/X vehicles with the 'Raven' updates (April 25, 2019 or later).

Linking a Key to a Driver Profile

You can now link a specific key to a driver profile to allow your car to automatically select the correct driver profile when the linked key is detected next to the driver's door. To link a key to the current driver profile, tap the profile icon next to the desired key in the Controls > Locks screen. Once linked, the associated profile name is displayed below the key name. Tapping the profile icon again unlinks the key.


Play Chess against your passenger or challenge four different levels of artificial intelligence. move by dragging and dropping the chess piece during your turn. As with all Tesla Arcade games, you can play when your car is in PARK by tapping the Application Launcher, then tap the Arcade icon and select your desired game from the menu.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 - Game Controller Support

You can now play Beach Buggy Racing 2: Tesla Edition with up to 2 USB game controllers for 2 players. Simply plug the controllers into one of your car's front USB ports and launch Beach Buggy Racing 2 by tapping the Tesla Arcade icon in the Application Launcher while your car is in PARK. Note: Controller behavior may vary depending on make and model.

Media Volume Improvements

To make it easier to speak when dropping off or picking up passengers, music volume will be lowered when any door is opened. Additionally, while your phone is paired to Bluetooth media, the audio volume will match the vehicle's volume level regardless of your phone volume settings.

This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes.