Authentication Required (Access Key)

This is an object representing a command sent to a vehicle.
A list of all valid values for command are:

honkHorn Honks the vehicle's horn.
flashLights Flashes the vehicle's lights once.
enableSentryMode Enables Sentry Mode for the vehicle.
disableSentryMode Disables Sentry Mode for the vehicle.
startAC Turns on the auto conditioning (at last set setting).
stopAC Turns off the auto conditioning.
ventWindows Opens the vehicle's four windows partially to vent.
closeWindows Closes the vehicle's four windows.
openTrunk Opens the vehicle's trunk.
openFrunk Opens the vehicle's frunk.
openChargeDoor Opens the vehicle's charting port.
closeChargeDoor Closes the vehicle's charting port.
startCharging Starts charging if a cord is plugged into the vehicle.
stopCharging Stops an active charging session.
The status code of the request.
The response text of the request.
  "response":"Sentry mode has been enabled for the vehicle."